William Paterson University of New Jersey Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I personally love the campus and campus life. Some people may find that there are too many hills and stairs but I find that the geography of the campus helps prevent the "Freshman 15". In the Fall, campus is the most beautiful with the trees and flowers bloomed just before they fall. In the winter, campus is majestic with the snow sitting on the bare branches. In the Spring, the campus is amazing and full of life. Over all, Willy P is a friendly enviroment.


The on campus access to faculty.


Diversity and challenging curriculum.


The professors aren't just teachers; they try very hard to link the material they teach to real-life and to coach students in making major life decisions concerning their area of study and how well they do in school.


The best thing about this school is the variety of people you will meet here. It's definitely a better taste of the real world than high school. Of course, the academic experience is important, but I believe that the life lessons you learn here go deeper than book learning.


The acedemics itself are very good, but I dont think the prefessors emphasize too much on many things, which drives students to teach themselves things.


The best thing about my school is the diversity of the students, and the availability of the staff when they are needed. Also the friendliness of students and staff is great in this school. This is because I am Hispanic and I do not feel out of place because there are many different races, religions, and cultures here at William Paterson University. Also, every time I needed any kind of extra help or had any questions, my professors were always ready and happy to help.


The competitiveness of the nursing program, my trustee scholarship and the brand new dorms i had the luxury of living in.


The best thing about my school is the class sizes and the majority of the professors. I have never had any real difficulties with any professor and have always been satifised with my class sizes. William Paterson also has an excellent Honors Program that has made a real difference for my college experience. I am very happy with the classroom enviornment because I have never had a class where the professor did not know my name and I was simply a number.


The best thing about my school is the facilities. They just finished building a Student Center that has a lot to offer. It has a variety of food choices, a book store, Starbucks, lounge areas, and more. It is in close proximity to the other facilities on campus.


The best thing about my school is the entrance programs such as Alchemy and E.O.F. because these programs help borderline regu;ar admitt students get to where they need to be so that when they get to school they are prepared, they also pay for some books.


Fun and affordable.


The school has been undergoing construction for the last few years. The areas that are done are very modern. The school also creates comfortable studying places. The campus is very diverse, including the students, professors, administrators, and classes. If interested in extracurricular activities, there are many to choose from, both clubs and varsity.


I like the location and campus, the size of the school, and the hiking on the adjacent mountain. I like the jazz shows and the guest lectures. But if I had to choose a favorite, it would probably be the earth science program. The teachers clearly love the subjects, and the make it interesting to learn.


My experience at William Paterson University has been one of ups and downs, but one constant has always been the quality of the professors. Almost every single professor I have encountered has been tremendously insightful, experienced, and helpful. They are, for the most part, genuinely concerned with the students' progress, and are passionate about their fields. If it were not for the instructors at William Paterson, I most likely would have transferred to a different school. However, all you need to do is reach out to the professors and they will provide you with a truly enriching educational experience.


The student center is probably the best thing about my school. Its a nice place to just relax or study with some friends either before or after class. Also that's where the food, arcade, and bookstore are.


Its small and not a lot of people dorm, so its generally pretty quite, allowing you plenty of time to get work done, as well as really get to know people.


The education program for being teaching certified while gaining a content degree (ie math) is awesome.


I have loved all my Pschology Professors so my experience at William Paterson has been great. I have heard horror stories about other Professor's some of which I have had and thought they were great. If you work hard you will do fine, if you don't put any effert in your classes your grades will reflect that so it is all in your hands. I love the fact that I earned what I recieved. And for those truely horrible Professors, well you will find them everywhere. I also loved Intervarsity Christian Fellowship the club I am in.


the classes are a good size and the professors are usually helpful.


The school does try to make the time there as comfortable as possible and tries to allow variation in a few areas.