William Peace University Top Questions

Describe how William Peace University looks to someone who's never seen it.


WPU is a small liberal arts school that focuses on small class sizes and personal relationships with the students, faculty and staff.


William Peace University is wonderful for students of all different backgrounds and is accepting of everybody.


Peace Colllege is coming home after a long day to friends and family who are supportive and loving.


Peace College is a small campus in a big city with a homey, sister hood feeling and this comfortable atmosphere makes you feel like you’re really a part of something big, while allowing you to become a strong educated woman.


Peace College is a Peacful Place full of wonderful women and men who make it their business to ensure that you succeed.


Great things come in small packages, and this is true of Peace.


The perfect place to learn, grow, and succeed while being the true person you are at heart.


Peace College is the kind of place that you go to if you are open to new ideas.