William Peace University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are interesting, generous, kind, and helpful.


Peace College women who are eager to learn, lead, and guide. They are amazing because of all the difficult changes this school year due to a new president coming in and issuing different policies. My classmates advocate for Peace when we are asked how we like this college, because we know change is necessary in order to grow and enhance our learning. Each day, you can walk on campus and see someone smile at a teacher, a student, or a staff member. We believe in community and activism. Our goal is to further our education and help others as well.


All girls school, id say about 99% are either lesbian or bisexual (mainly girls who play sports so watch out) but then you have that very small very rare 1% which is for straight females with or without boyfriends. The girls are mainly rich preppy, stuck up and verry bitchy but there are a few that actually aren't (surprise surprise!). Most of the girls are in-state but there are some out of state girls too. The campus tour is so one-sided, they only let girls that like it there give the tour and the feed you the same old used up lines they give every girl to make her think that we all get along and really like it here, but do not be fooled, it is not what it seems. The Main building is haunted which is really cool, it used to be a hostpitol during the Cilvil War.


Classmates of course are all females, therefore the class is mature and more focused because the lack of boys.




my classmates are very diverse


My classmates are very energetic and work hard to strive to be where they are.