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There are a few things that make William Peace University a very unique school. First, before last year this was an all girl school. I didn't have the pleasure to attend while it was only girls, but it's nice to be a part of the transition to a co-ed school. Second it is a very small school, which I love. It is very easy to establish a nice rapport with your professors and the students on campus. Finally, they have a very nice off-campus apartment site that includes a shuttle for students to commute to school.


What is unique about Peace compared to other colleges I considered is the smaller campus and classrooms. You are able to get one on one attention if you need it and your teachers actually know you by your name and care about you.


FOR GODS SAKE GET OUT, DO NOT COME HERE!!! ESTROGEN OVERLOAD! Save your life, time and money and PLEASE go somewhere else! This place has gotten horrible since our new President and i fear anymore changes that are going to be made. Peace is giving out parking tickets like there is no tommorow (trying to get our money), Proffs. and other staff are being fired, majors are being dropped, crappy food, you have to buy your own cleaning supplies and toilet paper, and god knows what else is going to happen. I personally beleive that the girls are les/bi because they could not find a man to please them and add to the fact its an all girls school=major bitch fest and estrogen overload! A joke between my friends is how when you come here it either turns you boy crazy and you can never look at a guy the same way again, except only as if you are psycho and you go after any male because your so desparate to be around some testosterone, OR you sadly turn into a lesbian like all the rest. Anyway, i feel worse and worse everytime i have to tell someone (especially BOYS)that i went to a place like this. An all girls school does not make is easy to meet guys (if you actually are still atracted to them within two weeks of being here). Im normally shy, so being here has just destroyed me when it comes to dating and now i just feel desparate to be around guys now, just being in the same room vs. hanging out and talking is just enough for me, but hopefully over time i can return to normal! So with my fianl words i will say DO NOT COME HERE, BEWARE OF PEACE PRISON!!!!!!!!!


That its an all girls school and I don't have to worry about impressing others , I can simply be myself.


It is a private, all girls school.


One thing that is unique about my school compared to the other schools I considered is the size of the classroom and the impact it makes on young women lives in every aspect.