William Peace University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There are very few things I dislike about my university. The only issue I have is the small variety of classes we have, due to being such a small school. I feel like I have many opportunities at my school, but since we have a small variety of classes, I am limited when it comes to Spanish classes, an area of study that I am very interested in.


The fact that it is a smaller school, and it just recently became a co-ed school means that it is harder to have the whole college experience. There are a limited number of activities at the school that are done for the college age group. Granted that not all the students are over 21, the events that are held (i.e. dances, parties, social events) are at the middle or high school level. There are not many things that people our age can do on campus, so we typically go off campus.


One thing that I would consider to be the worst part of my school is that Peace just became coed this year. By doing this, they have also returned to the name William Peace University for the school, instead of Peace College. This is confusing in itself, because who knows what to call it and the changing of the name legacy is just something that most people dislike. It is not use to catering to boys needs or social clubs or events for them, and should work towards being accommodating for both males and females.


I considered the worst thing about my school is that the tution is really high unless you take out a loan to pay it off. that is my only complaint.


The worst thing about my institution is that most of the students leave campus for the weekends. However, we have recemtyl added more activities to address the issue.


They are renovating our library and it will not be finished til I graduate even though my tuition is paying for the renovations.


Guys are not allowed to stay over night. I dislike having to tell my boyfriend that he has to leave a certain time. I feel like since we are in college we should be able to do certain things.


The lack of diversity because it can be a real culture shock for some people.


It's an all girls school and there are barely 700 girls.