William Peace University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend William Peace University?


Someone who enjoys the liberal arts and who likes a small, tight-knit community.


Anyone can attend Peace College, it is very diverse and accepts anyone who would like to further their education in the field they would like to far go.


Any woman who wants to make a positive change in the community through service and want to incorporate a cross cultural education and experience into their life should come to Peace. Men can also go to school with the new addition of the William Peace School of Professional Studies as Business majors during the day. Once at Peace, it doesn't matter that we are not a co-educational school. We value sisterhood by having Student Showcase, where our sisters show what they learned at school and we have fun at Late Night Breakfast right before taking our exams.


The girl that should attend Peace College is a girl who is fun and outgoing. She should like to hang out with other people.


A person who desires a closely knit enviroment with members of a similar socio-economic class should attend this school. A woman who wants to live in a clean enviroment with little distractions school attend this school. This school would be ideal for an extrovert because people are eager to talk.


This school is for a woman who hopes to better herself and develop as a leader. Peace College has a huge success rate for job placement right after college.


Anyone. o.o


Women because it is an all girls school, and pretty much anymore. We are very diverse.


Someone who prefers smaller class sizes.


a woman who is strong in who she is as a person and in her religious beliefs. Someone who is opened-minded about things and is willing to fight for a cause or a change that needs to take place.