William Peace University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to be better prepared. I wouldn't wait until the last minute to get scholarships and figure out what I wanted to do.


School will be tough and your going to struggle but that's just part of life. Remain focus and don't be afraid to ask for help from friends, family, counselors, mentors, and your significant other if you have one. Always be positive and listen in school. The hardest part about doing something is doing it but the rewards are 10 times fulfilling than the struggle. Remember, your going to go in the military and you will struggle there too. No matter what, don't say "I can't" or "I quit" because that will not lead you to the path of success in your life. Stay awake in class and do what you can to eliminate your student loans prior to getting out of college to be debt free. Do your best to network with your peers and business contacts so you can find an internship and a job when you graduate. College will be your future for the next few years so strive to be successful in school. One last thing, choose wisely about which college you go to because once you choose one and if you decide to quit; it's a lot harder to go back.


Stepping into a time machine and being able to give myself advice as a high school senior about the years ahead would be the ultimate gift. As a senior I was making decisions on what University I should attend. My best friend and I got into two of the same colleges and planned on being roommates. Once decieded something came up and my best friend had to go to our second choice. I could've and I should've went to the other school with her for two reasons: I received a $40,000 renewable schohlarship and the school was $41, 000/yr and my best freind was going to be there, so it was a win-win. Being stubborn, I didn't take the amazing offer I had and that led to a whole year of college that I ended up not enjoying. The advice I would give myself, is to swallow my pride and attend college with my best friend. It would have been a wonderful experience even though I didn't like the school as much as my first choice.


If i was a high school senior, i would have applied to a university six months before i graduated. I also would have not wasted my high school year not getting help or knowing about colleges and scholarships. I would have pushed myself to get scholarships and asked questions. Because I worked my butt off to have my As and Bs all through out high school. I also would have used my SAT scores to apply to mulitple Universities. That is my goal to go to a university.


Stay strong to who you are, you are the only person who knows who you truely are...remember that. Things that may seem hard at the moment will pay off in the end. College is just a bigger free-er version of high school. And all that hard work you put into your grades will show. You know your dreams and goals in life dont let anyone tell you, you have to settle for less. Prove them wrong with your dedication and hard work. Because when you get their heads will turn and when they say "I cant believe you made it" you can reply back "I knew I could." Stay strong Reba you are going to go thru ruff times and even ruffer struggles but its all worth it. In the end just keep swimming.


My advice to high school me would be to stand out. Stand out from the rest of the crowd and be confident. High school is a time to learn how to stand on your own two feet and to develop a voice. It’s okay to have a voice and it should be heard loud and clear. Yes, granted there will be people who will not agree with your opinions, but at least you have the courage to let it out. You will have people that come across your path and will try to bring you down. If it comes to that point learn to stand your ground and don’t you ever let them make you think that you do not deserve what you want in life. They have a problem with their own life and just want to take it out on someone else; however that doesn’t mean you have to take their grief. Another piece of advice, love you You are a captivating beauty . Beauty doesn’t have to be a size 0; it comes in all shapes and sizes. Never let media or your bullies tell you different. Your beauty shows kindness, talent, and love.


As I transitioned into college, I felt that I was very prepared and was more than ready to begin my studies. I then found out my university no longer had a Spanish minor and I would have to wait a year to begin taking higher level Spanish courses and to study abroad. I realized how much I had taken advantage of my high school Spanish classes. I had always performed well in Spanish, and I decided to pursue it along with my education degree, in order to eventually be a more diverse, versatile teacher. Now that I have to wait, my skills are definitely not what they used to be. If I could go back, I would tell myself to make just a few more flash cards, and conjugate a few more verbs, in order to better prepare myself for my future courses, and my career as a bi-lingual educator.


Do not overwhelm yourself with the things that will not matter in the long run. It is easy to overthink and expect the most out of anything, whether it be good or bad, but do not let it consume your life at that moment. There will always be other opportunities down the road for you to try something, and those opportunities will not put your current situation at risk. When you are in college, it will take some time to adjust to living on your own. Once you have adjusted to living on your own, it will take even longer to adjust to the actual school; especially if you have doubts about whether that school was the right choice for you. However, if you start with an end goal in mind do not focus on anything other than that end goal, and you will make it through that part of your life. Just do not give in no matter how pointless or irrelevant it may seem to be because you will need it in the long run.


The advice I would give myself now knowing what I know about college would be to study hard, ask for help when you need it, and love your college soccer teammates. First piece of advice to study hard is important, for in high school studying last minute was not a big deal; but if you study last minute for a college test, you will not do well, college is hard. So take the time and write out notecards and start studying a week before a test. Second piece of advice, ask for help when you need it. Unless you ask for help you are never going to understand it, but the teachers will assume you do. Meaning if you fail a test and then ask for help it is too late, that test is already in the system lowering your grade. Third piece of advice, love your soccer teammates, because your husband will be deployed during your first year of college and you are 2000 miles away from home. These teammates are going to help you through it and will become your new family. These are the pieces of advice I would give myself.


If I could go back to my 2010 high school senior self, I would tell her to stay true. In the three years in college, I've learned that there's a lot of pressure from the people you surround yourself. People will tell you what you want to hear, ask you to do things for them, be completely reckless. It's inescapable. People who may be your friends now may turen out to be strangers later. Some of them will disappear from your life when you graduate or even sooner. So, why should you care about what they think? You can say no anytime and it's completely fine. You always have a choice to know the difference between right and wrong. It's so right to be different. Everyone is unique and they will realize it one day, and it's amazing that you realize it sooner. You live for you and not anyone else. It's never too late to be you.


If I could go back and give myself advice for college, it would be to know what classes you want to take if you know your major. To not just take a class because you heard it was easy, but to take a class to make it count towards something! I have learned from this from a semester in college, where I took a class that I didn't really need, but I just wanted an easy grade. Once in the class, you are stuck with it for the rest of the semester. Sure you can drop and add classes, but that is a hassle and something that can be avoided. There are so many classes and only a certain number you can take, so choose wisely and go into the class with a positive attitude!


College is not the same as high school, you have to work hard and earn your grade. In high school you could pass with whatever grade you have, but that doesn't work in college. Focus on your goal and do not slack off. This period of your life determines what you will become in the future. Study hard and focus on your work. Plan ahead for example check your school e-mail for any important information regarding your classes. Order your books on time do not wait until the last minute to order for you will fall behind. Have a set budget for book, tution, and other nessecary things. Your education is important and you can not jeopardise your education. Apply for as many scholarships you are eligiable, for the more scholarships you have the less loans you have to take. Don't give up and continue on for it will pay off at the end.


I'd tell myself to take every opportunity from extra credit to revising papers when my teachers offer it. Always strive to go one step beyond, because your grades will pay off. Second chances don't come by often in college. Unlike high school, no one is going to hold your hand and tell you each mistake you made. Manage your time and don't procrastinate. The humongous load of work in college will stress you. Divide and conquer. Split your agenda into sections and do it early so you won't feel overwhelmed. Lastly, utilize all the help from teachers and counselors. They're willing to help with financial aid, write reference letters, and even share their wisdom. Build relationships with them because these people will get you far and each grain of salt they give will lead you to a brighter future. Do well in school-those good grades mean a hefty scholarship. Take pride in your work and don't cheat. No one wants a doctor who doesn't know what he's doing. Learn to be compassionate because you'll meet many people with different backgrounds. Volunteer to help the needy. Imagine if that was you.


I used to believe that I had amazing work ethic, this is true, but through the first semester of college I am learning how to put my determination to complete task into studying with respect of the freedom that college has. College is valuable to attend because you don’t live with the regret of not knowing what you could have been or succeeded in.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is a lot or learning experiences. I have been to quite a few different schools not really know what I wanted to do and now Im finally finishing up getting my nursing degree and going back to school full time in the fall. Not knowing what you want to do in life is a little hard when your away at school away from your family and friends, and being away from home makes you grow up and start making adult decisions. Now what you decide is another story, I didnt make the best decisions when I first started away at school and it showed in my grades. But what also showed in my grades was that I wasnt happy being where I was or what I was doing. Finally realizing that I want to be a nurse and want to help people and know I could help people makes me feel good and makes me feel good about all the decisions I've made and that everything happens for a reason. It might have taken me a little longer then most but Im happy and thats what matters.


I have gotten a lot out of my time here. I have made many friends and learned a lot about another place than the one i came from.


Aneisha, it is time you let go of basketball. There is something you want to do and its acting; you will actually be good at it in college. You have picked basketball over acting for almost four years. I promise just trust yourself, and believe that you are not letting anybody down by holding on to playing basketball. If you want to start college a little less stressful, try getting a part time job after you graduate. If you do this you will make a little money and be able to pay for books, decrease a loan, or maybe even a used car. Don't be afraid to reach out to your family for support. They need to be there for you emotionally and financially because you are one of the first to go to college. I'm very proud of you and whether you know it or not your dad is proud of you too. You two don't talk much but here is a chance for you to get close because you are a grown up now, tell him how you need him to be in your life and that you love him.


I would have said self no matter how tuff of a process it may seem to be choose a major and see it through till the end. Stability in your mind or steadfastness is a principal to live by. That come what may, seasons always change but keep your eye on the prize! Save your money, and learn how to properly manage what you earn and what your blessed with.


I would encourage myself to save money by attending a less expensive college. I would also tell myself to research for and apply for scholarships and study more.


Imagine walking down the hallway of a building you have never been in before. Every face is new and the anxiety overwhelms you. You see someone coming your way; she is one of the few faces you recognize. What do you do from here? I chose to approach the woman and ask her what her name was. I let her know that she seemed familiar and I continued the conversation by asking if she had a class with me. Believe it or not, we have been best friends ever since. No matter how much preparation one can have, the transition to college can be difficult. Perhaps the best advice I could give myself as an incoming student would be to NEVER expect others to approach and/ or help you. You must get out of your comfort zone and not be afraid to meet new people or ask questions.


If I had the opportunity to go back in time and have a conversation with my younger self, I would tell myself to take high school more seriously, because nobody cares how cool you were in high school after graduation. I would encourage myself to get involved in more extracurricular activities and to comtinue playing sports. I would tell me to explore the world a little before enrolling in college. I would say, "It's never a waste of time to take a break. It may be the only chance you get." Most importantly, I emphasize the importance of learning about money management, credit, and the actual cost of living. My final words to myself would be, "Just say NO to private student loans."


Don't be afraid to try new things. An all girls college isn't HORRIBLE. Trust me when I say having boys in classes on slows things down!


Find one that will give attention to your child and benefit them most academically and socially.


The best advice I can give to any upcoming student is to not let your friends influence your decision. Often students pick a school based off of superficial reasons, their parents went there, all of their friends are attending the university or because it is far away from home. When picking a college it's important to make sure you are going for yourself, if your heart isn't in it chances are you are not going to do as well. Visit lots of Universities, make sure they offer your major, ask some students around campus if they like it there. Once you decide on a college, get involved, join clubs, meet new people, and take advantage of the resources your school offers. Most importantly, have fun! Afterall college is suppose to be the best days of your life right?


In order to find the right college, i feel that the college you choose should be one that you are comfortable with. I think that you should visit the college and take a tour or maybe speak to some professors or advisors. To make the most out of your college experience, you should get involved as much as possible while also balancing schoolwork. I also feel that you should ask for help when needed and never be afraid to. Try to be open to new people and doing new things that are ethical.


Both parents and students should take tours of different colleges together to make sure that each college offers what the student needs and wants out of the college experience. Peace College is a small private college, which I believe keeps the school as more of a small community. Students are better able to form and maintain friendships for life. I encourage students to become very involved in school activities as well as out of school activities. Students are better able to receive the college experience even if they do not live on campus.


You should test the college. Students go visit (without an appointment) the college on your own first, if the college is willing to take the time and help you, then you may want to consider that college. Colleges will always act differently with parents present. When deciding on a major/field ask for a list of courses and make appointments to speak with the professor. Become familiar with the campus, introduce yourself and find a mentor (someone at the college). Good luck


It is a must and a need to always visit a school you think or want to attended, parents should go with there student if it is among their top choices. Make sure to visit when school is in session, not on weekends or during breaks/hoildays always during school hours. This way you can see the actual life of the school, and see the activities around the school on a regular basis. I strongly encourage any student to get involved in anyway possible with your school. If your school is large join a group in a department that your interested in. Small schools, go out and ask a upperclass man about activities, sports, clubs etc. Its also important to do your work, but don't stay in your room all the time get out on your hall and mingle. The best memories are sometimes with people on the hall, you'll meet people quickly this way and you'll make friends.


Getting involved makes the most of any college experience.


I would say look and go to the colleges youre most interested in , check it out . You might find a college youve never even heard of in small town, check it out!!! You never know it might be the college of your dreams!!!


One advice I would give to parents and/or students about making the right choice of colleges is to do some research. Find out what you want out of a college and see if that college has the things that you want. Also, to get a better prespective of a college is to do a campus tour. With a campus tour you get to see first hand if the college that you're at is right for you or not.


make sure the college you're applying to offers internships and aid with finding a career job. students attend college to have a better life experience. internships and good career centers can help students continue their positive life experience after graduation with more available sources of income and opportunities. visit the college before you apply to it! eat at the cafeteria, sit in on a class, check out the library, computer lab and cafeteria- you will use these facilities often in your college experience. first impressions can be decieving, do not attend a college or university because it's "pretty". make sure the college or university you are applying to offers many opportunities that you can take advantage of throughout your college career. things that you don't think you would do now, could be something you might consider in the future. diversity is key!


Make sure you look around. Finding the right college, that fits your personality and style is very important. College is suppose to be the best years of your life. Don't waste time finding the right college for you.


The well known schools and the schools that you already know people at and farmiliar with may not be the best school for you. You have a better experience when you go to a school where you do not know anyone or the place. If you can survive going to school where you know no one, then you can survive anywhere.


The best advice I could give to the student is to find a college that is right for you, NOT your friends. Your friends are not getting your degree for you! Parents, do NOT try to manipulate and bribe your child to go to the school you graduated from. They are their own person and want to pick their own school. To make the most of your college experience, don't ever get out of focus on what you really want to succeed in! Yes, there will be fun parties and a lot of social events, but it is your responsibility to get your work done first and get that much earned degree. College only happens once, so get the most out of it by learning as much as you can!


I would have to say to make sure you go and visit the colleges you got accepted too and get a good feel for the school, to make sure you know what you are getting yourself into! Also I would try to find out all the best ways to get Finacial Aid if you need it and if you apply!


Finding the right college is the most beneficial way to succeed in our world today. Pick a college or university based upon where you think you would be most comfortable. Size matters and some students learn better in a small environment versus a large one. If you are interested in playing sports, then if you do what I did I just went to one of the schools that recruited me. I just got lucky and picked the right one. Do not base going to school on friends. Friends will appear at the right times and usually you meet your friends for "life" in college. Take risks and rry to pick a school that offers your degree of interest.


I think that you should look at the Financial Aid, dorm living, statistics of the types of students that live there, Majors offered, and talk to a student. Not the student that gives you a tour, but a student that actually lives there. That's where you'll get the best answers about the school when asking a question.


The best advice coming from my college experience is to find a college that will fit best for your lifestyle and the career path you are planning to take in life. Find a college that will fit your pace. Also, when attending the college try to involve yourself in at least one activity or club. The best advise would be to keep in contact with your professors and seek help anytime you feel you need it. DO NOT GET INTO THE PARTY LIFE!


Students; when it comes to picking the right college for yourself, don't pick it because your significant other goes there or you heard it had an attractive male professor. Pick it because they have awesome academic qualities. Pick it because they're are friendly people and an awesome campus. Because you know you'll do great there and suceed, because you will.