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William Rainey Harper College

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What are the academics like at your school?

At Harper there are classes for everyone. They have everything from engineering to french, from statistics to fashion. Academia is very diverse, that is why it is such a great community college. I love that you really feel like you are apart of something. Especially with the teachers, they are so personable and intelligent. I have some teachers that are so passionate and educated that I wonder what they are doing at a community college. If you need help, they email, they meet with you after class, and some even text. A really interesting thing that people don't realize is that even though Harper is a two year college, it is still a research institution. If you apply, you can be apart of a number of science based research. If you feel that in certain classes you weren't challenged enough or you wanted to try something out, get into some honors classes. There is no pre-requisite into an honors class but they are so interesting. You meet great people that love to really open the box. I would say that as a student coming out of high school, Harper's goal is to prepare you for a 4 year institution. But as an adult or someone looking to instantly pursue a career, they focus on your personal needs. Harper has everything.

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They are top notch as far as community colleges go.

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