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William Rainey Harper College

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When I first started telling people I went to Harper college, I felt embarrassed. I felt like I was missing some grand opportunity by not going away, living on my own. But the truth is, looking at all my friends away at school, the biggest thing I am missing is being drunk every weekend and skipping class. Being so close to home keeps you away from the peer pressure of partying and the ability to really focus on school. Personally, I chose Harper because of the money issue. I am not poor by a longshot, but like most families we just don't have enough money to spend thousands of dollars on an education. At Harper, I am saving money and getting good grades, hopefully a scholarship is along the way. I love Harper. If you try, you can find the clubs, the activities and make some great friends. I love the small class sizes, you don't just feel like a number, you feel apart of something.

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Harper is a great place to save money and get on a direct path to success. It is one of the best community colleges in the state of Illinois. There are countless opportunities to get involved and also resources that range from a writing center to a career center. The best part is most classes transfer with ease so transferring to your new school is a breeze.

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