William Woods University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


William Woods is a beautiful campus full of opportunity for those who truly seek it; it offers a place to learn about things that are not widely offered in other colleges in an atmosphere that encourages intellectual development, and the pursuit of dreams as well as offering a realistic and practical view of breaking into today's economy and job market; all of which comes with the price of determination and hard work, a student must want it at William Woods in order to recieve it.


Here in school you can learn, lead ,achieve , succeed, excell and most of all you can become anything you want to be.


WWU is a small, private institution that focuses on faculty-student relationships and practical career choices. Our Equestrian and ASL programs, in addition to athletics, is the main focus, with arts coming in second.


At WWU, you will take part in small, informative classes, have some brilliant professors, have a blast with friends and see Equestrian students EVERYWHERE since the Equestrian program is the biggest on campus, but beware that you may also go hungry unless you have a very tolerant stomach because the dining hall sucks.