William Woods University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about William Woods University is its small, friendly campus. This enables the student to gain lots of one on one help from faculty and also to become close to other students quickly. Great Greek program.


In the equestrian science program we have some of the most successful riders in the country teaching us. Our Hunter/Jumper professor was just ranked in the top 50 riding instrutors in the country. You can learn from them how to teach, apply how they teach you, to how you can teach others. Our program is unique and there are not many out there like ours. You get real life expirience just by showing with the professionals in the real world before you even leave school.


All of the people and the beautiful campus


I consider the class size of my school to be the best thing about it. There was more one on one attention from teachers and it made learning in the classroom a lot easier. Also since the teachers did not have 30 plus students in each class, the teacher was more available to students during office hours.