Williams College Top Questions

Describe how Williams College looks to someone who's never seen it.


A place where creative and intellectual minds foster ideas and pursue stimulating and open conversations with one another


Williams and the surrounding area is a small, close-knit community focused on harmony with nature, academic excellence and building close relationships that last a lifetime.


My school is a fantastic place .


The college itself is academically rigorous, respected, and very solid preparation for future careers either in academia or in "the real world"--but the great people who attend and brilliant people who teach at Williams also prioritize having a well-balanced life that includes both work and play; the result is a campus atmosphere that is passionate, intense, and highly intellectual.


The most prestigious and beautiful school you've never heard of, full of the most interesting people you'll never forget.


My school is the Harvard of Liberal Arts Colleges.


It was the best place for me at the time.


Williams is a small, prestigious, liberal arts college located at the base of majestic mountains.


A small, quirky, and acedemically challenging liberal arts college located in a beautiful, slightly isolated rural area full of diverse students who are driven to succede, open to different ideas, and eager to meet new people.


Fun on the quad