Williams College Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


I've found that neither of these has held true. Firstly, the biggest divide between athletes and non-athletes is that students who are in season are always at practice between 4 and 6 pm. Outside of that, though, the divide is pure fiction: being an exceptional athlete helps out in admissions about as much as being an exceptional artist or musician or writer, or being first-generation college in your family. In the classroom, you would be hard pressed to pick out athlete from nonathlete. And socially, everyone here is as accepting as they come - you'll never find a party that's 'athletes only' or 'no athletes welcome'. I really don't even understand where the stereotype came from. As far as isolation, it's pretty tough to deny that Williamstown is in the middle of nowhere. But what's great about that is that everyone recognizes it, and that means that the school is great about having tons of stuff to do on campus. The school is constantly bringing in speakers, bands, performers, and a bunch of other off-campus groups, not to mention all of the activities featuring students. Every weekend, there are more than half a dozen things to choose from, and the biggest problem tends to be having to choose only one place to be, rather than being bored because there isn't anything to do.