Wilmington College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Wilmington College is best known for religion, theatre, history,art, agriclture, and transforming lives. Wilmington College established its first Cincinnati Branch, the Tri-Country site, in Sharonville durning the 1986-87 academic year, followed by the Eastgate campus in 1997. Eastgate specializes in early childhood education. Wilmington College and Cincinnati State Technical and Community College established a partnership in 2003 in which WC offers a bachelor's degree in business administration on Cincinnati State's campus. Wilmington College is also known for diversity.


Wilmington is best known for a school which will always stand for non-violence and peace. Students are taught to be accepting and supportive of everyone, which allows everyone to find a place to belong and friends who do not judge. People from around the state and region recognize our school as a college which stands by its core values and beliefs. Among students, the colege is known as one that continually reaches out to its students. Between the different organizations, professors, and activites, a student has to try to fail/ be lonely.