Wilmington College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The Wi-Fi. They are constantly trying to get a server that works but it never seems to work. I think they're trying to fix it though.


The worst thing about Wilmington College was the food. The dining options were always the same options (pizza, burgers and fries, salad, chinese food). The take out was always the same (salads or cold sandwiches, fruit, and pudding or jello). Even the alternate dining option started to serve the same things.


If you ask anyone on campus what they think of the cafeteria food, most people have the same opinion. My opinion just happens to be the same as the majorities. The cafeterias' food (also called TOP food) is probably one of the worst things on campus. The food isn't awful, it could be better. The only time the food seems to be really good is when you are really hungry or there are tours or parents on campus and the people preparing the food know this. The students remain on campus despite the food.


The worst thing about the school is the cafeteria food.


The worst thing about my school is how far away the art department is. It is not a part of the main campus, and I was not told how far away it was.


I really do not like the meal plan becasue you do not have a lot of chocies when you live on campus.


The location b/c there isn't a lot to do off campus.


The worst thing about my school is that there is no off-campus housing available. All students who have a perminant residence outside a 30 mile radius of the school must live in an on-campus facility. If they live within a 30 mile radius of the school, they can commute, provided they live with their parents.


The Worst thing about my school is The Dorm Buildings. even though they are being drastically upgraded, that just started and most are still in terrible shape. The upgrading just started last year and being an upperclassman male student I am not even able to live in those dorms since they are restricted to First year students and Females.


The worst thing about Wilmington College would be the condition of some of the dormitories. The bathrooms aren't kept clean. They are cleaned once a day usually, in the morning, but if you use the bathroom at like two, three in the morning, it can be nasty. However, there was a grant given to the school over the summer, and I haven't been able to see what they've done with the money, which was supposed to go to improving the residence halls.


Wilmington College struggles financially and because of this both housing and certain departments suffer. For example, I am in a sorority and I am a Resident Assistant; the differences between the quality and safety of the apartments, dorms, and sorority/fraternity house is drastically different. In addition, I am a double major (Public Relations and Studio Art). As much as i love my professors and believe them to be quite capable and succesful in their careers, they do not have the best resources such as a recording studio for the communications majors, or more than one art studio.