Wilmington College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Wilmington College is a Quaker college and is a private college. A person who can't afford the cost of a private college, wants to attend a college with a larger student body, and doesn't like the fact that Wilmington College is a Quaker college shouldn't attend Wilmington College. Although Wilmington College is a small college, the student body is amazing at sporting events and social events.


Someone who wants to "blend into the woodwork" shouldn't attend this college. A lot of individual attention is given, and it is very community-based.


A person who wants to have a great college experience, without the hustle and bustle of a big university. A person who is committed to succeeding will thrive here, and a person who wants to get involved in extracurricular activities will be very satisfied with the availability of "things to do." The person should be willing to put themselves out there and make connections with the professors and other students, everyone is willing to help you. As they said at orientation, "It's really hard to succeed at failing here."


A person who would like to attend a large school, and surrounding off campus places to enjoy.


a person that is used to a big school and the city.


Someone who needs to be around a lot of people and a lot of things happening to enjoy themselves. This is a very small school and a very small town, compared to where I am from and If I didnt know how to adjust I would not have made it.