Wilmington University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I love Wilmington University. The class sizes are small so I have never felt like just a number there. I have never felt uncomfortable approaching my professors with a question or concern. I do really well here, and I feel like anyone could do well here. The only downside is the parking. Since it is a commuter school, sometimes it can be really difficult to find a parking spot.


I attended a satellite campus in NJ. Class sizes were small and personal. The majority of the students in my classes were interested in obtaining an enriched learning experience. There will always be students who are uncertain of why they are there and they do fall by the wayside although this represented a small amount. On a satellite commuting campus there is of course little interaction with other students after classes are over. Some classes encouraged group dynamics and many of the projects centered on synergy. I feel perhaps on the main campus there would be more of a semblance of that university feel. Most students at the satellite campus attended class and then went home. With today's proliferation of online programs and long distance learning this may signal a long term trend.


Most people conjure up negative reactions when a student mentions they attend the college.