Wilson College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are very friendly, and there is no soroioty, we are all treated the same and no one judges anyone.


Very bright and focused students who know where there want to go in life and take their schoolwork very seriously. We are all dedicated to our studies and want to make it big when we leave here and enter our fields. I feel like here at Wilson we are not given there resources to find that healthy start in the fields and within the business offices and faculty outside of the classroom are cheated of the quality education and comfortable living we are promised


The classmates at Wilson College are respectful, mature, young, old, friendly, and students who have a love for the college and the education they are yearning for.


Mostly females. Some are very are very nice and helpful but most are rude and self serving.


My classmates are very friendly and are willing to help with anything possible. They are hard workers and we all work together to get things done.


My classmates are determined to do good in school and they have potential and passion in their program of study, like me.


My classmates at Wilson are mostly like me: determined to get through college, wanting an education, and being prepared to take on the world after our 4 years are complete. Many are extremely dedicated and are very successful, while those who are not as dedicated fall behind, but are still encouraged by the stronger students. Wilson is great if you want to become an individual, as you are allowed to be yourself and you are accepted the way you are.


One of the things I love the most about Wilson is the amazing students and staff that fill the campus. For many young women, unfortunatley having a lot of people around and having a lot of males around detract from their studies. The women at Wilson seem to me a lot more dedicated and eager to learn than students at other schools I have attended and visited. Additionally, it is a much more warm and inviting enviornment, particularly because the pressure is 'off' in such a small setting.


My class mates are best described as serious.


Fellow classmates are honest, hardworking, self motivated, friendly, diversified students.


My classmates were mostly female with the majority of them having a strong drive for achieving what they wanted with their education.


My classmates are diverse in terms of race, gender and age, I find them to be very accepting and supportive, this means a great deal to me as a nontraditional student.


My classmates are awesome. I have become friends with most of my classmates. They are nice, kind, respectful and caring. I feel as if I can trust them with my life.