Wilson College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


There women with childern program and they have a great VMT and Equestrain program.


Equestrian and science based degrees. Liberal education.


Wilson College is best known for its traditions. One of the most important traditions to Wilson College students and faculty is Sarah Wilson Week. It is in honor of the major donor, Sarah Wilson. It is celebrated in the fall and is a way to welcome new students. Students participate in many activities that show rivalry between evens and odds throughout the week. These activities include getting dinks, big sisters, and sophomore buddies. There are class competitions with song wars and banner stealing. It is a great way to bond and get to know everyone at Wilson College.


My school is best known for its Veterinary Medical Technology program, which I am majoring in and for its equestrian program and various studies. it is a great school for the sciences and equine studies. it is also known as one of the few all girls school in the country.


Wilson College is known for being a women's college because many colleges today are co-ed. Wilson College takes pride in giving women a quality education because not too long ago it was rare that women had the opportunity to attend college. Wilson College is also known for its women with children program. The women with children program is only offered at one other college in the country. This program provides single mothers with children the opportunity to get a college education. This program is special because it is very difficult for single mothers to attend college.


Wilson has excellent Pre-Vet and Biology programs. I have heard they are rigorous, but prepare students well for graduate school. Wilson's Equestrian Studies major is also popular as it gives girls a chance to expand their knowledge with horses through riding and class lectures. Although the riding teams are beginning to rise in popularity, I have heard good things about the other athletics offered at the college.


My school is best known for it's equestrian studies and VMT students. We have a farm with horses as well as other large animals. We also have very good athletic teams. We are a very small liberal arts college that focuses soley on academics.


Wilson College is best known for the Veterinary Medical Technology (VMT) and Equestrian Studies programs as well as our forward-moving Enviornmental Sustainability and Studies programs.


My school is best known for its veterinary technician and equestrian programs, as well as our many traditions.