Wilson College Top Questions

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We have alot of traditions from the very first time the school opened and we get dinked which means you are an offically Wilson College student


we are a small all girls school that is really just one big family , including the faculty and staff. we all know one another and care about each other. there isnt a separation among students, we are all one big group no matter what grade you are in your major your religion. we can see past differences and look at who you really are and love you for it, even the professors care about you and know who you are


It is a very small school with teachers that really get to know the students. Tradition is valued very highly, and being an all girls school makes it easier for young women to feel confident in their education. The small campus is also very beautiful and it is an eco friendly campus. I also liked that we could have pets on campus.


Wilson is an all girls school and only has around 500 students. This makes it quite unique and the smallness helped me choose Wilson over other colleges. It is also one of the few schools that offers a Bachelors Degree in Veterinary Medical Technology, which is my intended major.