Wilson College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who does not like animals, hates small classes and dislikes being involved.


Anyone that is not one hundred percent serious about their education. If you want to slack off you will be an outsider.


A person that is not interested in being serious about a college experience.


A person who lives to party. Someone who does not take their studies seriously and is only at college to drink. Someone who is not open to diverse situations.


Wilson changes people so anyone willing to undergo a change.


A person who prefers to be placed in a big community with a lot of people and classes on the bigger side of the scale would not want to attend Wilson College.


I would say that this college is welcoming to anyone with absolutely no prejudice in mind. This college is not for someone that is mostly interested in partying. I found that classes were fun there. The fact that it is such a small college, helps with individual teaching and also gives leneance to personal struggles. These teachers actually go out of their way and take extra time for people that need it. They are there to teach you not only what you need to know, but also what you want to know due to the passion they have for teaching!


One who has an interest in liberal arts, who supports the advancement of women in education and who is in need of such a support system. Young and older women alike who beleive that having children means and end to their educational dreams because they will surley find a support system here as well. Young and older men who are looking for a quality education but who are also sensitive to the dificulties faced by women in our society in addtion to those who are not. Fianlly any one who beleives in themselves and who encourages other to do so.


Those who prefer class with many students in a lecture hall or are looking for a boyfriend.