Wilson College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself not to get caught up in other peoples drama and make a name for myself and not to hide behind other people. Also be very open to meeting new people and being a very accepting person


I would tell myself to first enjoy your senior year of high school, and dont go into college thinking it will just be like high school because its not. I would also tell myself to learn better time management and also say go to college with a clean plate because you can't let everything bother new because when you going to college you are opeing a new chapther in your life.


Dear "Senior Caroline", I know going to community college is not what you had planned on and you're a little- okay, EXTREMELY- disappointed. Everyone is telling you "you're doing the right thing, going to community college first is smarter!" and "you'll save so much money while everyone is accumulating debt!", but none of this matters because you're more concerned with how community college affects your image. Please listen to me; community college IS the smarter option and you have completed two years of school without borrowing money. Now you're accepted to your dream school and you'll still be able to have your college experience. Most of your friends didn't know how to conduct themselves at school and wasted a lot of money they borrowed for tuition. It also took you a while to get things figured out but you're life is coming together! So trust me: this isn't the end of the world. Enjoy your time at school and you'll do just fine. Love, "Future Caroline" P.S.- College isn't all about fun; it's doing what you have to do to get where you need to be.


I would tell my self to make sure to study as much as possible and remember that no matter what anyone says, if you put your mind to it, you can succeed.


College is every bit the challenge you have been waiting for. Try to save more money and be less frivolous. Know that it will be a lot more work but you can handle every moment.


Go get my degree right after high school.


College is a big adjustment. You will learn to adjust to living away from home, learn to work with new people and make new friends, learn more specialized information based on your major, and learn to be independent with many things. Even though it is such a drastic adjustment, it is a wonderful experience. Take college very seriously. This is the information and time that you will take with you for the rest of your life. It should not be taken lightly. When choosing a school, do not choose the school that is cheaper just because you want to save money, choose the school that you like and that will provide you with what you need to succeed in life and with your career. Once accepted to the college of your choice, get to know your surroundings on and off campus, make new friends, become familiar with your professors and advisor, and make it the time of your life. Enjoy every minute of it. There will be road blocks along the way, but overcoming them will prove that anything is possible and you are capable of succeeding. Best of luck and have fun.


Pay much closer attention in Chemisty and Biology. Do not be turned away by the fact that Wilson is a women's college, it is not as dramatic and gosip oriented as you think. The education opportunities here are wonderful and the people and professors you will meet will help you in your future career. Do not be nervous to meet people because almost everyone attending Wilson are very kind and out going and other incoming freshman are just as nervous and willing to find friends. This may be an all women's college but there are men who attend classes and they are most are just as friendly. Wilson College is a wonderful. college to apply to and you should take every opportunity you can from their services.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior self I would remind her that the world is full of opportunities. I would tell her to not be afraid to make mistakes because that is how you learn. I would encourage her to take chances and have experiences that will help in her college years. I would also stress that she should go out of comfort zone and make new friends, because her closet friends in high school will not necessarily be following her path. Lastly, I would tell her to network and volunteer more so she can make herself know in her community.


I would tell myself to look and think much harder about the school I was going to be putting hard earned money and mental abilities to that would be a large deciding factor in how successful I will become. I would tell myself to visit and revisit many more coleges and talk to more students than faculty. I would also tell myself that this is the biggest decision of my life and to dig deeper and research more the promises I was told when I visited colleges and think about how realistic those promise really sound. It's not that I absolutely hate my school, I love my teachers and have grown greatly as an equestrienne, but I feel this school is lacking in many places that outweigh the knowledgable and dedicated teachers and the beauty and potential that Wilson has.


always remember that nothing is impossible. there are going to be times when you want to quit and you want to give up and go home, but no matter what you must not give up. you have worked hard in high school to get here and you can keep working hard to get your college diploma. some things to keep in mind : temptation is going to be everywhere, the temptation to sleep through your 8 am class, to go to a party instead of doing that paper, you have to keep in mind that at the time they may seem like a good idea, but in the long run they will have their consequences that you are responsible for. you are in charge of your life now, just keep your eyes on your goal and you can do it. you are going to get homesick but know that your family is rooting for you at home. you are going to miss your friends at home, but are going to make many new ones who care about you at school. And above all : dont stop beliving :)


My senior year in school was filled with new and exciting experiences. I learned important life skills essential to my college career. I decided not to challenge myself academically in my last year of high school and although it was fun, I know can see that pushing myself would have better equipped me. My college studies came as a rough adjustment from my lax work load in the previous year. If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior my advice would be to not procrastinate and push myself academically to prepare myself for the work ahead.


As a freshman in college, I would tell my high school self that it isn't quite as easy as high school to get the best grades and do the best on exams and tests. Study hard, and time management is extremely important to a college student's overall success. Personally, having a part-time job on top of being a full-time student is very taxing, but well worth it. Also, get involved in activities on campus, it helps to meet new people and to just have fun. Join some clubs that really interest you, not that your parents would want you to be in. Don't overwork, but don't be too relaxed either. Partying is ok, but know your limits, and do drink underage or through peer pressure. As a college student you are an adult, and have to take responsibility for all of your actions.


First i would have choosen to go to this college first and not have become a transfer student. It is a really hard process and not everthing transfer.


If i could go back in time, and give myself better advice in preparing for college, I would tell myself to take harder classes. I was a very serious student in college but a lot of my classes were electives because i had already filled all of my requirements. College is a very different experience, you get thrown into a world of independence, self-maturity, and responsibility. The advice to learn to become more dependent on yourself, even with school work, I feel would have prepared me differently. In college, professors do not help you with your homework assignments and give you extra time to complete an assignment. So, also learning to become more independent in my school work would have been a good advantage to learn previously before changing atmospheres.


I would tell myself to study more efficiantly and give little time for other activities rather than little time for homework. I would tell myself to make friends and not be afraid of losing them. Enjoy each moment with them and enjoy my college career as it will be one of many highlights in my life.


Research all schools and visit and call them before deciding. Find someone to help you with the financial aid application process and dealing with incorrect bills sent by your office.


remember how you don't like drama and wanted to avoid it? Totally impossible at Wilson. Keep in touch with what guy friends you have...your gonna miss the testosterone in your life


If i could go back in time to myself as a high school senior i would tell myself, don't listen to others negativity. You yourself are beautiful, unique and an individual and you can take on anything possible. No matter how bad or horrible life may be it only gets better with the right actions you make. You yourself can only make your future worth it. And knowing what ive been through with the abuse, pain, caring for a child myself, and working endless amounts to pay my bills, I will tell myself experience and working towards your dreams are the goals you need to succeed. Prove the people who downed you wrong. "Get an education and make a better life for yourself and soon to be daughter".


Coming to Wilson College, I was anxious but vary nervous about meeting new people, living on my own and taking college classes. I have learned college brings out one's dedication. There are opportunities to get in trouble or to skip class. College has taught me that reponsibility is key to being successful. I had to balance being a full time student and keeping good grades, caring for a horse of my own at college, working full time, and having somewhat of a social life. There were points of stress and points of relaxation. I learned that this is the way of life at college, and being responsible for my own schedule is the only way to manage everything. I value this responsibility because it is the first step to growing up and becoming a responsible adult. As I think about my future and being successful, I need to create good habits that will be carried with me in the future. Responisbility is the number one thing to live and support myself in a respectable manner.


What I have gotten out of my education is a sense of accopmlishment, being that I never finished my original major at NAU (a 4 traditional 4 year universcity). Now that I am attending Tucson College enrolled in the electrical technitian program. I am much happier and dedicated to become an electrician, which will be my new career. The value of changeing my life and career is unmeasurable compared to my previous careers and options. I plan on taking my education into the solor feild and continue to expand my education in what ever the demand requires and the job market demand which is why its is so valuable to attend a good vocational school/trade college.


Throughout the three years I have attend Wilson College I have learned and experienced a lot. When I first came to Wilson I was a free spirited freshman. I loved to have fun and party a bit too much. I got in trouble twice by my college, and after getting caught that second time during my freshman year I knew I had to change. Wilson reprimanded me in a way that taught me how I could potentially harm my body and the effects it can have on me. I changed my ways and now two years later I am a junior and a Resident Assistant for a freshman hall. My college experience has been great. I currently hold 4 jobs on campus; Tour Guide, Admission Assistant, an RA, and work in the fitness center. I also hold a job off campus caring for an elderly mans 3 horses. Wilson College has taught me to value myself and others. Everyone comes from a different place and we should embrace the differences and learn from each other. Wilson College has made me in to a self-thinking, responsible role-model, leading woman… and I wouldn’t want it any other way.


When I first came to Wilson College, I was very shy. I found it very easy to make friends here and start a new life. I quickly became involved in clubs such as Yearbook club, equestrian riding teams and environmental club. I am now a junior and am the President of my class, a Resident Assistant, a campus Tour Guide, and a secretary to an admissions counselor. I participate in all the open houses and serve as student hostess during overnight visits. I have a course load of 6 classes, and take horseback riding lessons on campus twice a week. I am on three equestrian teams and love experiencing new things. Wilson College has made me the person I am today, and I honestly would not have even imagined the things I am doing today. No other college would have allowed to me to succeed so greatly.


I have learned that I can succeed when I put my mind to something. College will never be an easy thing for me, but I know with focused, serious energy, I can accomplish what I set out to do and earn my four year degree. It's also about finding a balance between entertainment and fun and work and study. I have to admit, I struggled to find this balance in the first few weeks and I was so tired and frutrated. But I didn't give up and now I am really enjoying my time at Wilson College. I also appreciate the professors and the time they are willing in invest in me. They are always willing to help me and treat me respectfully. That to me has been of the most valuable things about attending Wilson College and now that I have experienced it, I feel I could never fit into a larger school and feel that I could succeed. Wilson has taught be so much about myself.


In my college experience although it has been short so far i have started working on things like fixing different kinds of bears as well as identify them. I have also learned how to us the lathe and mill while working in a machine shop. I think it has been valuable learning at Ranken Techncial college because the environment is very frieadly and the instructors are very helpful and can answer any question that you may have.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is a first-class education. Wilson College has challenged me to think outside of the box. Since Wilson College is a liberal arts school I am receiving a well-rounded education which I feel is important if I want to make a difference in society. When I graduate and enter into a career, I know that I will be capable of making a difference because of my education from Wilson College. Wilson College is not an easy school academically. Every class I have taken so far has been challenging, but I can honestly say that every class has improved my academic skills and made me a better student. In high school, I disliked school. I cared more about sports and I felt that most of my classes were a waste of time. Today, my attitude about education is completely different. Wilson College made me realize how powerful knowledge can be and I am learning how I can use that knowledge to make a difference in society. My major is education and I strongly believe that there is no better place to learn how to become a successful teacher than Wilson College.


So far in my college experience I have grown so much as a person. I've become much more independent and responsible. I've also had the opportunity of gaining great leadership skills by becoming president of my Campus Activities Board. Attending a small Liberal Arts school has given me so many opportunities and I feel as if the sky is the limit. I can join any club or sport anything I would want and I do not need any experience. I believe it has been very valuable to attend Wilson College. I've been learning so much about life and aspects of the world that I never would have considered looking into. The graduation requirements of this liberal arts school has made me expand my course selection to courses other then just those of my major. I think this is very valuable because the world is full of many aspects and no just one.


I gotten alot out of college so far. First things first if you don't fully pay attention you will be lost throughout the year. If you don't practice what you learned that day that might mess you up. I learned not to goof off in the middle. That'll drag you to the end with a F. The effort you put in will result in the grade you get at the end. Its not worth failing so do the class right the first time so that you don't have to do it all over again.Thank you for this opportunity.


To be honest, my college experience has been confusing and hectic for me. I went to two different colleges and changed my major two times before I realized what I really wanted to do in life. In the end I chose to go to Wilson College because they had a really good program for my major, Veterinary Medical Technology. I wanted to do something that I was passionate about. In my college experience I learned that not everyone knows what they want to do right away when they get out of high school. It takes time and a couple tries, but eventually I learned that I should choose something that I would love to do for the rest of my life. There has been so many times when I just wanted to quit school altogether but it is so important to attend school and get good education, especially in this economy. I just tell myself to finish school and get a degree, and then I will have a better life and I'll be able to work with animals. I will have the knowledge that I need to be able to work in the profession that I desire.


I have gotten been given the opportunity to learn how to be an effective teacher. My education is allowing me to be a role model for my daughter and giving me the opportunity to graduate college with a career. I have gotten the opportunity to change my life and the life of my future students. My daughter lives on campus with me at Wilson College and has been given the gift of attending Pre School and getting to attend numerous school events. College has enriched my life and exposed me to the arts, different cultures, and a number of interesting subjects. I have come to love school something that I had ran from in the past is now the first thing I think about every day. I am grateful that you have considered me for any scholarships that will help me continue my last year and a half of college.


What I have gotten the most out of my college experience so far is being able to find and define myself as a person


Learning is a never-ending journey for me. Although I have extensive and rewarding work and life experiences over the past 30 years, I continue to value additional education which increases my knowledge base while developing entirely different skills, abilities and expertise in my chosen profession (Architecture). I have consistently carried a heavier than average semester course load while excelling academically in each of my semesters since enrollment. That, I believe is testimony to my intelligence, dedication and goal-oriented nature. Further, it's imperative especially for me, to complete at least my undergraduate degree as I have been striving to achieve this goal for the past 30 years. But one thing or another (marriage, family, relocation or running my own business) has always come between me and my goal. But now, my goal is clearly within reach. My professors and teachers have been instrumental in helping me to achieve academic excellence. A few understanding professors actually initiated specific courses for me...as they knew that I needed to complete a specific course sooner rather than later...in order to graduate without adding yet another year to my graduation schedule. That understanding and cooperation has been invaluable to me.


College is essential to get a good job. Without a degree, I woudn't be able to do what I love.


Although I am still in my first year of college, I have learned so much more about people. I feel as I have gotten more mature in handling situations, have been more responsible because of my schoolwork load and job engagements, and my passion for horses has also been growing. Wilson has been wonderful to attend so far as I am able to be myself and really develop as my own individual being. So far, I have been successful in all my classes and I know I will be a successful Wilson women after my 4 years are done.


Out of my college experience I have learned to stay focus and use your time wisely. I messed up my first year becasue i took the college experience as easy and its not you have to work hard you cant just slide by. although i learned how to have fun and live outside my confort zone i got the great experience of learning about new cultures and sisterhood. it is very valuable to attend college because you might miss out on lots of different opportunities that others will get to accomplish all because they attended college. College isnt a bad experience, college is just what you make it. If you make the best of college yall succeed beyond your means. College is worth the stress and the hard work and your experience will be phenomenal.


The experience college has granted me so far has been gaining knowledge. I have been able to learn about my future goal, and have met plenty of people along the way. My teachers have been able to tell me their experiences in the business field, and they have been allowing others and myself to be introduced to the "business world." I have also been given the opportunity of joining an honor society, Phi Theta Kappa. My next plan, is to attend a 4 year institution, and granted, receive a scholarship as well. All of these college expierences so far have been valuable to me because they have shown me that with hard work comes great rewards! I have worked so hard over the last two years, and I am hoping those great rewards come soon. I've been introduced to my future, and now it's time to enjoy what I have learned. College has allowed me to get a degree, and have a good time at the same time. Those are the most rewarding expierences I've received from college!


My college experience up until this point had taught me how important it is to focus on my future. I have had to make a lot of decisions based on what is important now and what is important in my future and determine which path will benefit me more. I have learned to balance my fun with my studies. I have also experienced what it means to be a grown up and make my own decisions. I have learned from my mistakes and I believe that I am headed in the right path that is going to make me happy and help me get to where I want to be in my future.


The value of my college experience is more than I expected it to be. I have had a strong desire to attend for many years, but life circumstances got in the way. I witnessed a special transformation take place in the people I knew that completed their college education. I was frustrated with my limited employment options and the feeling of dissatisfaction I always had. I wanted a significant change for myself and my family. I felt that completing my college education was going to give me the tools I needed to make that change. I have been a full time student now for two years and the benefits of this experience are far exceeding my expectations. College is not only providing me with the educational base I need to obtain a career instead of a just a job, but it is providing me many opportunities to strengthen my own character. I have opportunities to contribute to my college community as well as the community at large. I feel a sense of respect from people around me that I had not experienced before. I have always realized the value of college, but now I also realize my own value.


For me, the part of my college experience that has been the most valuable is how much I've learned about myself. I know that sounds really cheesy, but it's true. When I first started college, I had no idea what I wanted to major in or do after I graduated. The way Wilson has their Trans-Disciplinary Studies (TDS) program set up allows the students to experience a broad spectrum of courses that may be more appealing to them than just the traditional 'english, math, science' approach that many schools take for their general education courses. As I worked my way to deciding on my major through 'experimenting' with classes I took for my TDS requirements, I suprised myself with how enthralled I was in all the classes I was taking for the History and Political Science major I was considering. I have always known I loved history, but Wilson has shown me I have a true capacity for these realms of information, and now the question is where will I take it.


To put it simply, Wilson College has changed my life. My experience at Wilson College has helped me expand my capabilities. Wilson is known for its rigorous academics. At first, I was overwhelmed with how hard my professors pushed me; however, after I successfully finished my first semester at Wilson, I could honestly say I was a smarter student and a better person. All my life I have been an average student, but Wilson pushed me to become a proficient student. I am currently studying Elementary Education with a minor in Psychology. The one on one attention from my professors is truly an amazing experience. Today, I feel it is difficult to find a well-respected college whose professors are most interested in the students. Wilson has helped me reach my goals in academics and in athletics. Wilson has made it possible for me to focus on obtaining a degree and play the sport I love: tennis. If someone would have told me I was going to win the Northeastern Athletic Conference Championship for #1 singles in tennis and recieve Player of the Year, I would not believe them. Thanks to Wilson, I have accomplished what I thought was impossible.


With this being my first year, I have already gotten so much out of my college experience. I have been able to "expand" my mind, and think in a ways that are beyond my years. This experience has allowed me to follow my passion and know how I am able to make a difference not only in my life, but in the lives of others around me. I have been able to connect and network with people who take an interest in my success and have made many friends along the way. This experience has also allowed me to evaluate how I manage time, as opposed to how time managed me. I can only hope to continue and grow in such a place that nurtures the curiousity in each student's mind. I plan to finish this challenging road, get my degree, and continue to make a difference in the world around me.


I have had the opportunity to learn so much from people around me.


My college experience has and still is benifiting me because the classes I have taken have expanded my knowledge in math, science, and english. Not only have I experienced academic opportunities, but also I have enjoyed meeting new people of different cultures, and even socializing with them outside of school grounds. For instance, going to a drama play in downtown that a former classmate showed me . In my creative writing class, I have greatly enjoyed using my imagination as well as listening to many others imaginations come alive on paper. I hope that I could continue my path of new opportunities as I continue on my educational goals.


I have gotten independence from my college experience and leadership. With attending clubs, I have gain the leadership and plan to become president and use what I learn in my career choice. I also have gained independence by leaving home and living on campus. I do my own laundry now and make sure I'm on time by myself with out my parents. I also have to email my teachers when I'm sick and talk to them about my grades with out my parents by my side to help me. It have been valuable to attend because I learned that I can do this stuff on my own and because I got the experience that I need to have my own life and be a leader in what I do. I love college and would recommend that they stay on campus and get the full experience.


My college experiance has taught me to be open with myself and others - really bringing me out of my shell. Additionally, had I attended another college, I would have never had the opportunity to becoming one of the few in the Equine Facilitated Therapeutics major - literally changing my life, and hopefully down the line, someone else's life as well. As far as I'm concerned, Wilson College was the best choice I could have ever made.


I have learned to be more tolerant of everyone, from all walks of life by embracing the differences. I went back to school later in life and by doing so I have renewed my self confidence. That renewed self confidence has enabled me to dream once again by realizing my true potential. My children have seen their mother work hard in order to make a better life for us all. I love how much they have seen their mother change. They have learned the importance of hard work and dedication by watching me. Being a good mother is very important to me and returning to school has helped me to do that.


I have learned to write research papers, thesis statements, critical thinking, a lot of other intellectual components that I haven't used in a while. I have met people from all over the world and I welcome diversity, wholeheartedly. It opens me up to other people's thoughts, experiences, and life skills. I believe those issues are very important when pursuing higher education, as well as enhancing the ability to get with others from all walks of life......entails a "well-rounded" education to me.


Going back to college has been very valuable for me because it is a benefit for myself as well as my family. Going back to college is going to help further my education and help me with the success of having a better career. I am attending college for Administrative Health Care Administration and am very excited to be back in school after all these years. I hope to be successful for my family and be able to provide and support my children.


I love that this college give Women With Children a chance to pursue a career of their choice. I came straight from high school and was able to still be up to date with my age generation... alothough I had a baby in high school. Althogh this school is very different from where I grew up from... I have grew to love it! I wish other schools offered oppurtunities that WIlson has allowed me to do. I have grown as a person intellectually, spiritually, and acedemically. This is my third year at Wilson College, and every year it gets challenging but I love the struggle that I live for. This is my first year as an Residents Assistant on campus, and as well apart of other activities and clubs on campus. I am looking forward to one day come back to Wilson a share my story. Hopefully I'll see more diversity, growth, and better dorms! :)


As a high school student who was unconcerned with academic success, college was a second chance for me to pursue my long term goal of becoming a veterinarian. Unlike my experience in high school, as a college student, everyone is expected to work hard and keep good academic standing. I've taken this opportunity to grow as a person, to become a successful student and make healthy choices. I have become involved with campus activities, for I am the president of the college chapter of Habitat for Humanity and help with the veterinary medical technology club's activities, as well as play on the tennis team. My classes have been very enriching and my relationships with my peers, and faculty and staff have improved, leaving me feeling confident. Generally, my college experience thus far has changed my life and improved myself as a person. I am confident in my career choice and in my ability to achieve what I pursue, and having that confidence is invaluable in life.