Wilson College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Not enough parking for the residential students.


Financial Aid and the Business Office. The individuals working there never give direct answers to questions students have and paperwork always gets lost or messed up in the mail. There are also a lot of problems regarding students returning each year and paperwork is often given or mailed late and expected in an unreasonable amount of time. The set up is very unorganized and unprofessional.


Sometimes it takes the school longer to get back to you about issues that you are having. There are some communication breaks and things don't quite get relayed properly.


I think the most frustrating thing about my school is that it is a really small school. Sometimes it feels like you never left highschool, because every one knows each other. If some one was looking forward to being at a big school/big college life it can be frustrating for them!


There is nothing to do on the weekends.


Find good food to eat. The school offers very limited selection of food to eat. Most of the food that they prepare is spicy and most of the students can not eat this or will not. Wilson college is supose to be a friendly women with children school but they never make food that the kids will eat. Kid usly eat cereal for breakfreast lunch and dinner because they will not eat what has been prepared. Most of the time it is chicken and tofu this is not good all the time we get sick of it.


The most frustrating is that courses are only offord yearly and not semesterly... which means if you fail.. you have to wait a whole nother year to attempt it again.


The administration can be unyeilding and confusing at times, but they do try to help. Talking with professors is a very big deal - its expected here! If you don't speak up, you are likely to get participation points docked in class, and no one wants that to happen!