Wilson College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the small community astmosphere and the supportive nature of the professors. There is never a time when you feel like just anumber or that nobody knows your name.


I love the class size! (13:1) Class sizes are small and the teachers are wonderful! They really what their students to learn and will help them every step of the way!


Wilson College is a small college which is why I love the school. The small college environment is great because it allows my professors to get to know me as a student and the small classes allow for many class discussions. It is also easy to make friends and feel at home at Wilson College. Furthermore, Wilson College is a women's college. Attending a women's college increased my confidence as a young women and I feel Wilson College is preparing me to be successful in society.


The Veterinary Medical Technology program because there's a lot of hands on experience that one would get in a tech school but at the same time I am able to receive my bachelor’s degree.


Small class sizes and fantastic professors.


Here at Wilson professors as well as the coaches will help you in any way needed. From as little as an issue with a roomate, to needing academic help in a certain subject. There is absoutly no way to fail, but one has to put in the effort. Everyone is seen as mature individuals, and given the opporunity to expsress themselves. No one is limited to an education. One can take a test without a professor being present in the same room. This gives the student realization that college is where maturity takes a stand and childhood is left behind.


The best thing about my school is how all of the students are close with eachother and can kind of be considered as one big family. The students accept eachother and put aside differences. Wilson is the kind of school where just about everyone knows who eachother and what's going on, they strive on keeping everyone together as a successful and respectful community.