Wingate University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who are okay with the small town feel and like the feeling of family. Students who are friendly, outgoing and like/are from the south will like this school.


People who are looking for a big school environment should not attend this school. This school does not offer large classes, huge stadiums and to many people to count. This school is all about the small town college feel and that usually does not go over well with those who want a big time school feel such as NC State.


Any one that feels that they are not going to fit in and wants to stand alone because Wingate is like a enormous support group.


I believe that if you are interested in coming to Wingate University, you should definitely come for a campus tour. I think that people can feel if this is the right place or not. I think that everyone can come here, you just have to find your niche, a place where you fit in. Wingate University does accept different culturally diverse students. The campus environment is very inviting and will be your home away from home.


A party-goer, who likes to drink and smoke, since this is not permitted at Wingate.


Some students apply to college for the wrong reasons. People looking for a school just to party at or with legacy athletic teams should not attend Wingate University. This school focuses on education first. Also, for anyone that grew up around a big city with thousands of people, should probably not come to Wingate. This school is small and private, therefore, it is not just a school to ?relax? at nor a school that is well-known.


Someone looking for a big sports school. This place isn't orientated around our football team and there isn't much school spirit


If you are looking for a big school with a lot of things in walking distance, then Wingate doesn't offer that. If you are looking to be another face in the crowd this small school would not be the best for you either. It is a private school and it quite expensive, so if you are looking to transfer out, then it costs too much to just get transfer courses.


anybody looking to go wild in college should go elsewhere. It is a dry campus, thus you will not find many rave parties here. To a certain extent this school is an extension of highschool. small classrooms and a student body under two thousand people creates a very small sheltered environment. This is also a baptist university and although the school is very open to different beliefs and tolerant of other religions (liberal arts school come on) it is still a traditional southern univeristy.

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