Wingate University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I am a commuter so i feel like i miss out on many of the things going on at the campus due to family life, work, and weather issues. The univeristy itself is great it just feels like I am diconnected at times


I think the most frustrating thing is the all of the construction going on at school.


Because the school is so small sometimes rumors or people's business can easily be spread whether they are true or not.


The Business office is the most frustrating area in the school. They are able to give you the information you need most of the time, but they do it in a way that seems to be thrown together and unorganized. They can make someone with little patients lose their mind waiting for things to get done.


Students leaving on the weekends


The teachers don't care to help students with classwork. Faculty and Staff gives students the run around when the student has a problem and they're never willing help to you out. They just DON'T CARE, you're just another number here, once they have your money, they don't care anymore.


The area around campus is pretty boring. Charlotte is less than an hour away but as for entertain closer the options are very limited.

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