Wingate University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


If you are looking for a friendly atmosphere with focus on the community as well as your schoolwork, this school is a place you would love. The variety of people here is very unique. With most students being athletes, foreign recruits are quite common. I have learned more about other countries by meeting people from all over than I ever thought I would have. The campus as a whole is supportive of everyone, from academics to athletics, the whole school is cheering you on.


The best thing about my school is the one on relationship you are able to have with professors and staff on campus. A lot of students are able to find at least one staff member on campus that is willing to help at a time when we as young adults may not have the answer whether that is in the classroom or the next step in out college career. The knowledge and the resorces that our university has is helpful to all students on similar but different paths.


The best thing about Wingate is the fact that you can really stand out in your classes. This is good for people who really work hard and do well academically. You get noticed pretty quickly. I was offered two positions in my freshman year--one as a TA and one as a tutor in the ARC. This definitely would not have happened if I attended a large school where I was just a number.


The staff has been incredibly supporting and helpful in every aspect of learning


The best thing about my school is definately the people. Even as scared little freshmen, everyone was kind to one another and no one was left out. At Wingate University, the upper classmen make sure the freshmen know where every one of their classes is. They also include them in activities, and encourage them to attend competitions. At Wingate University, everyone is a family.


How hard we have to work to get the grades we want to obtain. The courses aren't easy and it makes us really work hard.


the diversity and all the clubs are really welcoming!!!


Wingate is a small school where you dont feel like a number. Here you are a person whom your teachers know by name and will do their best to make sure you excel as longas you put the effort forth too. Wingate has graduate programs that you have a better chance of getting into with an undergraduate degree here. It has many opportunities to get involved on campus and be somebody.


the best thing about our school is going to the basketball games and cheering with all the other students i go to school with and doing fraternity events with my brothers on the weekends.


the best thing about wingate university is our international program offered to juniors. it allows you to travel somewhere of your choice at a very very low cost. at most other school you would not have this opportunity.


The thing I consider the best about my school is the fact that the classes are so small. In my school you are not just another number; you get one on one assistance from the professor if needed. It makes the learning environment better.

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