Winona State University Top Questions

Describe how Winona State University looks to someone who's never seen it.


It is a pleasant community with diverse goals and habits.


It is really beautiful, quite and with powerful hardware all around the campus. Also it is laptop school, you can have a laptop and other technical supports from the campus. I really enjoy the life here in Winona State University.


Purple pride, helpful people, and friendly faces are everywhere you look.


Winona State University is a great school that focuses on your education. The campus is beautiful and the city of Winona itself has so much to offer. Winona State has great athletic programs, a good art department, and is known for their nursing and education programs. The campus is situated between Lake Winona and the Mississippi River. This offers many opportunities for outdoor activities. The campus is the cleanest campus I've ever been on. Come to Winona State! =)


Winona State University is a great campus with friendly students and faculty. As students we love to support our sports teams and enjoy intramurals. Students love to organize fun activities on the school grounds that can involve all students who are walking by. We are a environmental conscious school and strive to save energy and recycle. Classwork depends on your major, but most of it is not hard if you pay attention in class and do your homework. Studying is not hard to do in the designated study/quiet areas.


Winona State Universtiy is a beautiful school that strives to help students reach their goals and dreams through education with a community of helpful and friendly students and faculty.


my school is a place that allows a person to grow intellectually and as well as personally by allowing you to strive for the best and helping you do your best.


Winona State University provided me with a good educations , lots of extra-cirricular activities and plenty of new experiences; all of which made it a decent school in a small town.


Winona is the perfect sized school, surrounded by a wonderful community.


A School where whether you're walking across campus or dowtown, you feel like you're home