Winona State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Our school is best know for it's nursing program.


Winona State University is best known for its nursing program and small campus. The nursing program is great and provides its students with a great education. The campus is small, recognizable, and laid out nicely. On tours, the tour guides stress that about the campus. Part of the reason I came to Winona State was because the campus was nice and small. That is also what high school students have told me after they tour Winona State.


Winona State University is best known as a laptop university. All students are required to have a laptop and a lot of information is distributed to the students via email. Winona State has top notch nursing and education programs. Class sizes are small and you really can get to know your professors and ellow students. I feel safe at Winona State and that people really care about me as a person. I enjoy the ability to be free to express myself.


Winona State University is best known for making it so affordable to get a college education. Tuition, room and board, and other fees all add up to cost less than other universities, not only in the state, but in the midwest. It's also known for its small town feel with the proper resources to bring the school into the technological era. Many students enjoy the beautiful bluffs and the landscape of being on the Mississippi River, too.


Their Nursing Program- the students coming in can apply for a 4-year guarantee, they only need to get a C or above in all of their class, stay clean (no minors, etc) and they'll be guaranteed into the nursing program - allowing them to have primary access to internships at the Mayo Clinic, Winona Hospital and a hospital in La Crosse, WI.


Winona is best known for both it's basketball team and it's nursing and education programs. The majority of girl students that go here come for either the nursing program or to be an education major, because it is such a good program. Also, our basketball team is very good and we have won two NCAA Division II National Championship in three years.


Winonais best known for the friendly students.


Winona is best known for being friendly and clean, and helping people out when they need it. It also has a lot of places for you to hike, and things for you to do that are outside.


Sadly having nothing to do other than study and drink.


The Men's Basketball Team...


The Nursing and Teaching schools. Both of these programs are in high demand and are highly respected. These two majors are very competitive and those that get into the programs tend to be the top students of the school.


The size and beauty of the campus. Also for the Nursing, education and some business degrees.


Mens Basketball, nursing and education programs, mass communications, engineering