Winona State University Top Questions

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The size of the university and the classroom sizes are much more managable than the size of the classrooms of the other schools I considered. This makes Winona State feel more like a home for me and it certainly makes this transition I'm going through much easier.


The campus is filled with activities all the time, so you never get bored. Teachers, other students, the community are all filled with enthusiasm and are all very supportive of you. The school is not to big or too small. The size is perfect and closely connected to the community. Teachers and staff are always willing to help you with a problem, concern, or question. Going to Winona State helped me decide what I want to do with my life. My advisor has been nothing but awesome in making progress in my major.


Winona State University allows for students to participate in many events related to their chosen career path including volunteer work. The campus is small and lets students and professors interact on a more personal level to help benefit the students. Winona State also is one of the best buys in the country. It is a great education for an affordable price.


My school is unique because it is build surrounded by the town. It has a close community feel to it, and people generally come together in times of hardship to help each other get through it.


Winona is different from other schools in many different ways. First, the excitedness for learning is outstanding, and its great atmospher and school spirits lures students in. Winona is also very accepting of adventurous students, wanting to try new things. The school is always open to new ideas and majors and is one of the big reasons why I chose to attend it. Not only does it have a great theater program, it fully supports my choice in making it my major.


The close-knit feel of a small campus and warm atmosphere.


The scenery mostly. Also, students at Winona seem to be very laid back and friendly towards each other. They dress very casually and are outgoing and all-around nice people. Campus is centrally located and the town surronding is close to Wisconsin so that makes it very convenient to those who wish to go home easily. The town is also very historical with its buildings--the homes and downtown facilities are very beautiful and older.


it's a small community and most of the buildings are a two minute walk away from each other. and the girl to guy ratio was 11:1 when i enrolled


National basketball champions! Walk all the way around campus in around 5 minutes.


We have a laptop program. So the laptops are rolled into our tuition and they come with all the expensive programs I would need like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.


It is a gorgeous campus! there is always things to do and the town is easy to get around. The residence halls are very nice and inclusive, the housing staff is excellent.


right sized, multi majored people, nice campus everthing close, know lot of people.