Winona State University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at Winona State University? Is this stereotype accurate?


There is always stereotypes associated with all universities. Same goes for WSU with students from mass communications, education and other areas where groups are alike and hangout together.


Big stereotype evolves around the education and nursing majors as these two majors have large number of students. Majority of the students are from small towns around Minnesota and Lacrosse, Wisconsin region, therefore a lot of small town mentality.


The stereotype at our school is we party a lot, use drugs, and are highly female populated. It is true that we are highly female populated, however not everyone parties and does drugs.


I don't really think that there is a stereotypical student here at Winona State University. This school is full of diversity, even though it is a small, tight knit campus.


Winona State does not have a common stereotype. At Winona we have a little bit of everything. One person is more then one of these stereotypes. Yolu could have a Jock that is in frat and is really good with his school work. Winona has a wide varry of people that attend this school.


I would not say that there are stereotypes at Winona Sate. There are groups of students that enjoy spending time together, but many groups intertwine and are not secluded. The most common groups of students that can be identified on campus are students that are involved in Winona State athletic teams, Intervarsity (a religious group on campus), and students involved in frats and sororities are also on campus. Every student has there place at Winona State and stereotypes are not used as a label.



The common stereotype is that the girl to guy ratio is 8:1. There are a lot more girls here for nursing school. I would say the ratio is 5:1


I think some of the common stereotypes are a lot of male jocks, since that's what most of the guys go here for is sports. It is also hugely known for having an overwhelming amount of girls. That one is true because Winona draws a lot girls due to its fantastic nursing program. The ratio here is about 3 to 1 girls to guys. Some people might say a lot of asians and little to no colored students, which is also pretty accurate.


Winona State University is rumored to lack diverse students. Stereotypically, each girl at WSU is a nursing major from a small town, and every guy is into sports and is studying athletic training. However, this is far for the truth! At WSU, there is a wide variety of students. We've got everything from Pre-Med students from rural Iowa to Geoscience majors from the city, like me! Winona State is far more diverse than people make it out to be.