Winona State University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Although college at WSU is nothing like I had envisioned, I do enjoy it overall.


I love this school because everyone is nice, friendly, and open to meeting new people. I would add more male sports to even out the gender imbalance.I think this is the perfect size school for me.


The best thing about this school is that it is a very small campus. You tend to see the same people throughout the day and that makes it eaiser to get to know people. I also love that it doesn't take longer than 10 minutes to walk across the compus. The Winona State University campus is beautiful and full of history, considering the school is over 150 years old. When people ask me where I go to school, the next question they ask me is "where is that?" I'm from the Green Bay WI area, so not many people are familiar with the small boarder school. There is a lot of school pride at our school. At football games the student section is full, standing, and jumping, cheering on our team. At basketball games, the gym is packed, so you always have to show up a half hour early! School spirit is a huge part of this campus' culture, and that is what I love about our campus.


Everyone at Winona is a familly. Winona is a just the right size school. You know everyone that is in the department you belong to, even all of the teachers.I also love our lap top program. One thing i would like Winona to have is underground tunnels for the winter. I spend most of my time in the Science Lab Center. It is one of my favorite builds because there are so many study lounges. Winona is a college town. There are two othwr colleges in Winona. There is a lot of Warrior pride in Winona. The sports events are always packed and roaring with loud cheering.


Winona State has a sense of inclusion on campus. The campus is smaller and when walking through between classes or during the day, there is always a friendly face. Winona also has many places that make it easy to spend time with friends, study or eat. Students both living on and off campus, enjoy Winona because of the smaller campus and proximity to places to spend time in Winona.


This school is amazing. There are a lot of things that I love about this school. The first thing I like about this school is the size. It isn't very big which is nice so it isn't overwhelming. I also like the town of Winona. It is very pretty with the bluffs all around us, and it is super pretty with the huge lakes right next to campus. I love the "college town" atmosphere. Winona has sport teams that are very good. It isn't a D1 school but the games are still fun to go too!


I love Winona State. It's great division two school and for me personally, it's the perfect size. Just enough people to recognize familiar faces but enough to meet new people all the time. The best thing is the class sizes are small and there is always something going on around campus. When I tell people to come to Winona, almost everyone comments on how beautiful the city is with the lakes and bluffs. It is definitely a college town. I spend a lot of time in the Kryzco Commons in the purple rooms, at the library, and a bunch of time in the new Wellness Complex. The administration for the most part is good and helpful. You'll see a bunch of school pride at almost all of the sporting events especially football and basketball. The guys team here is very good so they are fun to watch. Winona is set apart from other schools with its beautiful campus, fun free fitness classes and gym, the endless amount of recreation activities, and the events that the university offers for its students. I will always remember running and rollar-blading around the lakes, going to the bluffs, hanging out at the beach, and going to the free skillet concert in the fall on campus. The only complaint I have is the rules in the resident halls/dorms are very strict and sometimes in my opinion ridiculous. I have had to do 15 hours of community service for being written up for being too loud. Most of the student complaints I have heard deal with the dorm rules. All else aside, I love Winona State!


I'm very happy with my decision to attend Winona State University for a variety of reasons, the largest being the size of the school. There are plenty of people to meet and befriend, but class sizes remain small. Winona also has plenty to do for a small college town. The biking and hiking is awesome here! Since it's in a river valley, we are surrounded by gorgeous bluffs that make for amazing hiking. The biggest complaint by students at WSU comes from the girls. Winona State has a 2:5 ratio of guys to girls, and this can cause problems when it comes to dating in college. Also, the town of Winona can be considered "sleepy" if you choose to stay away from the party scene like I do.


I love the location of WSU. The bluffs, river, and lakes are so gorgeous. The outdoor activities are endless. It is also surrounded by all of the good resources like Wal-Mart and Target. I'm a pre-dentistry major and there were a lot of awesome practices to shadow at that were all within walking/biking distance. I went three years here without a car and it was totally doable and saved me a lot of money! The size is perfect-not too big, and not too small. When I tell people I go to school here they usually mention something about the nursing or education programs, since we are pretty well known for that. Everyone who has been here or driven through loves to talk about how gorgeous it is in Winona. Most of my time spent on campus is in the res halls where I work, or in Stark (favorite building!) where I attend classes and labs, and meet with professors. I also spend a lot of time at our AMAZING new wellness center. My complaint about WSU is that we don't have actual advisors-instead we have professors who advise us. I have had three advisors, and my current one is very knowledgeable, but I know many 'advisors' (AKA professors) who don't really know how to advise, and I don't blame them! As far as I know, they didn't go to school to become an advisor...they went to school to become a professor. When I came here my freshman RA told me she was led down the wrong path by her advisor, so I took things into my own hands from the start. I believe that there is a lot school pride. I don't attend sporting events, but I think most people do! I like the student population size. I feel that I would feel lost in the crowd at a larger school. Here, I know my teacher know who I am, and I know others in my major. There are a lot of ways to meet people outside of your major as well, such as intramural sports (where I met my boyfriend of 2.5 years and counting!) Experiences that I will also remember include the rope swing, hiking up to sugar loaf, and rollerblading around the lake.


Small class, good professor. Communication. It is just right. People are glad to hear that. Study and activities. Downtown. It is good, energetic.