Winona State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Winona State University?




Anyone looking to further their education at a great school and make a lot of friends on the way! This school is AMAZING and I recomend it to all my friends back home!!


ANYBODY! Winona State is big on diversity and welcome everyone. Winona State offers programs that suit everyone's interests. You are bound to find something that works for you. If you enjoy the bigger city atmosphere, then this school might not be the best fit for you. However, what really convinced me to apply was the tour. The tour gives you the best idea on what goes on on campus.


If you like small class sizes, this is the college for you. You get to know your professors and classmates easier and you have a sense of family. The campus and town are gorgeous!!! If you like canoeing, fishing, hiking, touring museums or antiquing this is the town for you! You will always have something to do, after your studies are done. A new dance club opened and it's a lot of fun to dance out your stress!! The sporting events are always a blast and the clubs put on a lot of activities, never a dull moment!


People who want the best college experience possible in a beautiful city are encouraged to attend Winona State University! Students who want to succeed and who are friendly enough to become friends even with their professors should come. Those who want their voice to be heard in the many clubs and other opportunities outside of class should attend. Those who want to have a leg up in the work force simply for attending a well known and well rated 4-year University should choose Winona State! Anyone that wants to make the best possible future for themselves should attned WSU!


Winona State University is a very active campus. There are bluffs in walking distance to go and climb and there are tons of walking trails near by. This campus is great for any active individual. There are tons of sports to become a part of along with activities to participate in. Another huge part of Winona is that it is not a private school, although there are a lot of religious groups that you can become a part of. So if you are interested in a private school, but can not afford it Winona is a great alternative.


The type of person that would be perfect for Winona St. would be someone who likes smaller class sizes and does not mind being in a smaller city. Winona does not have a huge campus, so it only takes a couple of minutes to get across campus, which is very convenient.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be someone who is not sure of themselves and wants to find out who they really are. Someone who is willing to get out and involved with the Winona community. Also someone who wants to interact more with new people and activities being offered.


Someone who has balanced interests in studying/grades and friends/relationships. Especially people who are interested in nursing, education, or business degrees. Those interested in playing school sports. Those who love a small-town feel.


Someone who likes small town living. Someone who enjoys the environment and a sense of community.