Winona State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who doesn't like seeing the same people everyday. I had the mostly the same people in all my classes and saw most of them outside of class too.


Because Winona State is such a smaller school in comparason to the U of M, Twin Cities or every other big school, I'd have to say that the kind of person that shouldn't attend Winona State has to be a person that does not like getting to know a lot of people, because majority of the time, everyone here is going to try to get to know you better.


Do not attend this school if you want to take the easy road. This school is a fun environment but still places a strong emphasis on academic success. This college is what you make of it and is not for someone looking to find the easy way out. It is a public school, so you must be open to new ideas and ways of thinking.


I do not believe that there is a type of person who should not attend this school. It is just small enough for those who like a small school, but just big enough for those who like more of a big school. There are attractions around, and there are large cities close. There are big and small classes. There are also helpful teachers and plenty of electronic and technology help and connectability. This school is good for anyone.


Anyone who does not want to enjoy the feeling of having a family on campus every day because of the closeness between students and faculty on campus will not enjoy Winona. Anyone who does not want the best hands on education that can be offered in a small classroom setting will not like Winona. Anyone who does not appreciate the miracle of changing seasons blanket itself over the glorious bluffs and river that represent this city will not enjoy Winona. Anyone who does not want the opportunity to grow as a person, will not fall in love with Winona.


If you are the type of person who doesn't complete homework and doesn't attend class, i would not recommend Winona State Univeristy to you. Even though the classes aren't extremely hard, attendance and homework still play a large roll in your education. You can still have fun here and keep up with your classes at the same time!


Anyone who doesn?t want an incredible college experience in a city surrounded by gorgeous bluffs shouldn?t attend Winona State. Anyone who doesn?t want to be able to recognize people on his or her way to class everyday shouldn?t attend. Anyone who doesn?t want to meet people who will become their best friends for life should stay away. Those who don?t want professors that are willing to go the extra mile for their students to help them succeed in every way possible shouldn?t attend. One should always be careful with their college choice.


When selecting a college, I think it's important to find a place that meets your needs, both socially and academically. If you want big city living, then Winona State University is not the place for you. What I enjoy most about this campus is the size. It is not a large school and you see people each day that you have met in your classes or at the cafeteria. Winona is a beautiful city and has a great campus where you can feel like you belong.


Winona State University is a wonderful school. It has a very active atmosphere and has beautiful scenery. This University, however, has a majority of girls. For a lot of girls it is hard to attend Winona State University, because the feeling of high school gossip does not end. An individual who is not into drama and gossip should not attend this college for this reason. Girls dominate this campus and if that makes an individual uncomfortable this is not the campus for them.


a person that isnt aware of their major or is confused about their future goals in the type of person who shouldnt attend this institution because its fast based and plus you want to save yourself somemoney and some time. and if you are qualified for financial aid and you are just going to school while not knowing where you are headed then the governemet could use with saving some money. i think if you are unaware of your future goals then you should do what i did this semester and take a semester off-reprioritize yourself.


The type of person who doesn't like to be outdoors, because we are in the middle of beautiful bluffs. Also the type of person who doesn't like a small campus. We only have about 8,000 students and the campus is small enough where it only takes five minutes to cross it.


Someone who isn't goal oriented and who doesn't want to work hard in classes.


I think everyone could find a group at Winona, from the kids who don't care about the education; their parents just forced them to go to college, to the serious students who spend 7 hours a day at the library, they all belong. Winona is a very diverse campus, that is one of it's most positive attributes.


Someone who is not serious about their studies.


A person who is willing to learn, and willing to work hard should attend this school. If the student is looking for good recommendations and job placement after graduating, this is a school to consider.


The kind of person who longs for the city all the time, although we're not in the bustling city we aren't in the middle of nowhere either but it is more of a small town feel.


Someone that doesn't take academic achievement seriously, or who would rather party than go to class should not attend this school. Those who are unwilling to get involved in some kind of club or are uninterested in developing relationships with professors should also not attend this school.


mean people


Someone who plans on NOT working hard.


Someone who needs to live in a big city to be excied about life.


There is really no person that shouldn't attend this school, seriously. Athletes are very welcome with our outstanding athletic programs, including our Mens Basketball team who has gone to the D2 National Championship for the last three years and won two of those three years! Really though, every race, ethnicity, gender is welcome here. Everyone is friendly and fun to be around.


One that is not serious about their education. We want people who want to get a higher education, not someone who is wasting space in a classroom.