Winona State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at Winona State University know before they start?


As a college senior, you should take as many AP courses as possible. It will make your life easier when you get to campus because you will have less classes to take. Take time to enjoy the classes you are in now as they will only get harder in the future. Be open to meeting new people and learn to live with people who aren't like you. It will help you get along with/tollerate them in the future. Keep up on your studies because the course work will build up if you don't take time to do it now. Try to get involved in clubs and activities so you can make new firends and have more fun on campus. Learn how to eat healthy on a low budget and be creative with cooking in a microwave. You will have limited space so stop buying all new clothes and do some spring cleaning before you move in. Lastly, enjoy every moment of it because it goes by faster than you can imagine.


I would tell myself to not take things so seriously and to not change my personality based on who was around me.


I would give myself the advice, you prepared enough for college while in school. Head straight for the four year school right from the beginning. Don't try to save money by staying at home. You will get a renewable scholarship from the four year and the relationships with your parents will take on a new dynamic that is more what you have been looking for for a few years. Also try new things. It will lead to good things in your life.


College is by far much different than high school ever was. I always heard this from the students that graduated high school the year before me, but never actually took it to heart because I was always a good student. Knowing what I know now, after my first semester of college, I would definitely go back and tell my senior self that college isnt as easy as I think. In college they don't hand you things on a silver platter, its much more work and you do not have time to sit around and, for lack of a better word, procrastinate. You must go to all your classes everytime they are held because it is much harder to catch up if missed. I would also tell myself to keep track of assignments and the grades that I get on certain assignments since there isnt a program that tells you what you are missing and what grade you got on the assignment. Overall, I would tell myself that it is something that must be taken seriously and that I must have a complete dedication to.


Throughout high school I suffered from a hearing loss; however, my junior year I was fortunate enough to have surgery to correct the hearing loss in both ears. The advice that I would give myself is that anything is possible and to always have hope. I would never have thought I would be able to hear like everyone else, and after my surgery my life changed. I began trying harder in school, and my overall happiness was sky high. I wish that I would've had that feeling my whole life. My advice to anyone is to never give up, there is always hope, and things can always change for the better if you have the right mind set.


I would definately say save more money and work harder! College isn't cheep and you need to keep a little in the bank for yourself but pay for everything that needs it first! DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!! Apply for financial aid ASAP!! You could have saved alot more time and money if you would have done it right away! Go to Dad and mom to look at your financial aid application so you know how much money you need for the whole school year that the grants and loans didnt pay for! And relax! And STREACH!!! You don't realize how much you hurt until you pull all nighters and everything is multiplyed by ten haha and have fun!


College is a scary place. There are more smokers than you think there are so enjoy the fresh air. Other than that there will be people who are there for you through thick and thin, you just got to find them yourself. I have found them which means you will too. Where can you find these people? I found them at Circle K. You have to join. Don’t forget school always comes first. You’re going to have to balance your time more and keep telling yourself a little more extra credit never hurts because that will save your grade. You will go through a lot of school work and will also love the community service you’re doing with Circle K. Just remember to finish your homework! Also don’t slack off on turning in the financial aid papers; going through college without any money sucks. Make sure you pack lunch from now on too, food here is expensive. Don’t worry about your friends they are seriously the most faithful bunch and will always have your back, just focus on school. Anyways, college will be fun, hard, and confusing all at the same time. Enjoy yourself!


If I could write a letter to myself when I was a senior in high school, I would tell myself a few different things. FIrst of all, study hard and get good grades now because they will always stay with you. Secondly, apply for any and every scholarship possible because college is extremely expensive and your parents do not have enought money to help. Third, spend all of the time you can with your friends. Once you get to college some of you will be on the same capus but most of you will go your seperate ways. The friends you have right now are amazing, no matter what drama is going on today, be greatful that they are in your life. Finally, have fun and enjoy every day, but most of all tell everyone in your family thank you. Without your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins you would not be who you are today.


I would tell my somewhat lighter self that she needs to stop thinking she needs more clothes and gummy bears. One, she needs to save her money, so she has more saved up just in case. You know, those things that pop up on you with no warning. Like your shoddy, salvaged ’99 green Dodge Stratus with a Chrysler steering wheel needing a new fuel pump. Two, she definitely doesn’t need all the sugar that’s in those squishy little treats. Had I known how much those things contributed to my weight gain, I would have hissed at the delicious morsels when they called to me in the candy aisle at WalMart. I never realized how important saving as much money as I could was. Sure, I was mostly conscious and stingy with my spending decisions, but I definitely didn’t need 5 pairs of flipflops from Old Navy. When I was able to pay for the tuition left over after my scholarships and loans were applied, I was appalled at what was left. I vowed to myself I would spend very stingily from that point on. No more gummy bears for this girl-unless someone else buys them.


I would tell myself to start applying for scholarships and grants as soon as I could. I should also sign up for an ASPIRE educator who could help me with all of my post high school education and help me fill out scholarships correctly. I would also try to take some college classes before graduating, so I could be a little ahead of the game before I started college. If I did win any scholarships I would have been able to apply to University of Oregon or Oregon State University, which I have always wanted to attend, but since I was not prepared I am attending Lane Community College. Hopefully from these couple of guidelines I could have been more prepared then I am at this point. I really wish I would have started applying for grants and scholarships before I even started high school, so that I could be more prepared.