Winona State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


As a college senior, you should take as many AP courses as possible. It will make your life easier when you get to campus because you will have less classes to take. Take time to enjoy the classes you are in now as they will only get harder in the future. Be open to meeting new people and learn to live with people who aren't like you. It will help you get along with/tollerate them in the future. Keep up on your studies because the course work will build up if you don't take time to do it now. Try to get involved in clubs and activities so you can make new firends and have more fun on campus. Learn how to eat healthy on a low budget and be creative with cooking in a microwave. You will have limited space so stop buying all new clothes and do some spring cleaning before you move in. Lastly, enjoy every moment of it because it goes by faster than you can imagine.


I would tell myself to not take things so seriously and to not change my personality based on who was around me.


I would give myself the advice, you prepared enough for college while in school. Head straight for the four year school right from the beginning. Don't try to save money by staying at home. You will get a renewable scholarship from the four year and the relationships with your parents will take on a new dynamic that is more what you have been looking for for a few years. Also try new things. It will lead to good things in your life.


College is by far much different than high school ever was. I always heard this from the students that graduated high school the year before me, but never actually took it to heart because I was always a good student. Knowing what I know now, after my first semester of college, I would definitely go back and tell my senior self that college isnt as easy as I think. In college they don't hand you things on a silver platter, its much more work and you do not have time to sit around and, for lack of a better word, procrastinate. You must go to all your classes everytime they are held because it is much harder to catch up if missed. I would also tell myself to keep track of assignments and the grades that I get on certain assignments since there isnt a program that tells you what you are missing and what grade you got on the assignment. Overall, I would tell myself that it is something that must be taken seriously and that I must have a complete dedication to.


Throughout high school I suffered from a hearing loss; however, my junior year I was fortunate enough to have surgery to correct the hearing loss in both ears. The advice that I would give myself is that anything is possible and to always have hope. I would never have thought I would be able to hear like everyone else, and after my surgery my life changed. I began trying harder in school, and my overall happiness was sky high. I wish that I would've had that feeling my whole life. My advice to anyone is to never give up, there is always hope, and things can always change for the better if you have the right mind set.


I would definately say save more money and work harder! College isn't cheep and you need to keep a little in the bank for yourself but pay for everything that needs it first! DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!! Apply for financial aid ASAP!! You could have saved alot more time and money if you would have done it right away! Go to Dad and mom to look at your financial aid application so you know how much money you need for the whole school year that the grants and loans didnt pay for! And relax! And STREACH!!! You don't realize how much you hurt until you pull all nighters and everything is multiplyed by ten haha and have fun!


College is a scary place. There are more smokers than you think there are so enjoy the fresh air. Other than that there will be people who are there for you through thick and thin, you just got to find them yourself. I have found them which means you will too. Where can you find these people? I found them at Circle K. You have to join. Don’t forget school always comes first. You’re going to have to balance your time more and keep telling yourself a little more extra credit never hurts because that will save your grade. You will go through a lot of school work and will also love the community service you’re doing with Circle K. Just remember to finish your homework! Also don’t slack off on turning in the financial aid papers; going through college without any money sucks. Make sure you pack lunch from now on too, food here is expensive. Don’t worry about your friends they are seriously the most faithful bunch and will always have your back, just focus on school. Anyways, college will be fun, hard, and confusing all at the same time. Enjoy yourself!


If I could write a letter to myself when I was a senior in high school, I would tell myself a few different things. FIrst of all, study hard and get good grades now because they will always stay with you. Secondly, apply for any and every scholarship possible because college is extremely expensive and your parents do not have enought money to help. Third, spend all of the time you can with your friends. Once you get to college some of you will be on the same capus but most of you will go your seperate ways. The friends you have right now are amazing, no matter what drama is going on today, be greatful that they are in your life. Finally, have fun and enjoy every day, but most of all tell everyone in your family thank you. Without your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins you would not be who you are today.


I would tell my somewhat lighter self that she needs to stop thinking she needs more clothes and gummy bears. One, she needs to save her money, so she has more saved up just in case. You know, those things that pop up on you with no warning. Like your shoddy, salvaged ’99 green Dodge Stratus with a Chrysler steering wheel needing a new fuel pump. Two, she definitely doesn’t need all the sugar that’s in those squishy little treats. Had I known how much those things contributed to my weight gain, I would have hissed at the delicious morsels when they called to me in the candy aisle at WalMart. I never realized how important saving as much money as I could was. Sure, I was mostly conscious and stingy with my spending decisions, but I definitely didn’t need 5 pairs of flipflops from Old Navy. When I was able to pay for the tuition left over after my scholarships and loans were applied, I was appalled at what was left. I vowed to myself I would spend very stingily from that point on. No more gummy bears for this girl-unless someone else buys them.


I would tell myself to start applying for scholarships and grants as soon as I could. I should also sign up for an ASPIRE educator who could help me with all of my post high school education and help me fill out scholarships correctly. I would also try to take some college classes before graduating, so I could be a little ahead of the game before I started college. If I did win any scholarships I would have been able to apply to University of Oregon or Oregon State University, which I have always wanted to attend, but since I was not prepared I am attending Lane Community College. Hopefully from these couple of guidelines I could have been more prepared then I am at this point. I really wish I would have started applying for grants and scholarships before I even started high school, so that I could be more prepared.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school, I'd tell myself to take things slow, not to rush anything, and look for opportunities. One of the biggest mistakes I made going into college was that I thought I was ready. I thought I could handle taking a lot of courses, because it seemed like it was going to be just like high school. But when push came to shove and finals were around the corner, I had to cram in many hours of studying, because I didn’t understand anything from my classes; in the end, things were pretty ugly. Another thing that I didn’t think about thoroughly was how was I going to pay for all these classes. Of course financial aid helped with some, but not all, and because I had taken so many classes, in the end my family had to help pay the extra, because I didn’t have a job to pay for it myself. If I had known these things ahead of time, I would of done things so much differently, and I would of looked for a job ahead of time also.


The first bit of advice I would give is to take easier classes in the spring because when the weather gets nicer, it is harder to concentrate. On a more specific note, I would tell myself to really focus and prepare for tests. Studying the night before and cramming is not the most efficient way to study. Study for a bit every night to lessen the load in the future. As for making the transitions, attend a club fair and join something that really intrigues you. Clubs are where you find people with the same interests as you. Volunteering is very important because you feel that you are contributing to the public wellbeing. You will feel more connected with your college community if you give back. Some personal advice is to be outgoing. Everyone is starting new and you are not alone. On a big campus, there is always someone feeling like you or liking something you like. College is what you put into it.


If I had to go back to myself and give myself advice on my future I’d have so many things to say. The first would be to not stress out so much. College is a scary new experience, yes, but I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself. To go along with the stress factor, don’t worry about making friends, you can make friends and good ones at that. The next piece of advice that I would give myself is that college is different, a lot different, so going to the library doesn’t make you a nerd. That means use it a lot because it’s one of the most valuable places you could study. After that would come the lecture on if something seems to easy, you’re wrong and you need to work harder. That means studying when you don’t have homework for that class. The last piece of advice that I would give related to school is to not be afraid to talk to your professors. After all that is what they are there for. The final piece of advice I would give would be to have fun, its good for you.


Not everything in life is easy - sometimes you just need to get through the tough stuff so that you can move on to what really interests you. There is no easy easy way to get through the hard times, you just need to keep your head held high and jump in. You have the foundation you need to move forward: remember that your family is behind you one-hundred percent, your friends will like you for who you are, you have a good Christian up-bringing that will remind you to always remember to treat others with respect and dignity - like you want others to treat you. These are the most important things in your life, and remembering them will help you get through the tough times, hard classes, and in dealing with teachers (or bosses) you may not really like at all. You have all the resources you need at your fingertips, all you need is the strength to ask for help when you need it and it will be there.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself I would tell myself to not be so stressed about college. I would let myself know that I had been given all the tools necessary to make the transition smoothly. I would tell myself to take the dual credit math class that I ended up not taking and I would fill out more scholarship applications. I would tell myself that even though you're scared and doubting yourself, you can do this. Everything is going to be okay and things will work out. I would tell myself to come out of my shell more and start preparing to meet new people by getting used to introducing yourself to others and meeting new people now while still in high school. I would tell myself to continue studying hard and making an effort to be kind to others. I would tell myself that it is important that you feel confident in your abilities so that you will be ready to take on a new challenge.


That during my first semester at college I should be more open to making friends and go to all the on-campus events to meet new people. Work hard and you can graduate in three years.


I would begin by telling myself not to freak out. Simply because everything works out. You do not need to go in with a mapped out plan of what you want to do with your life and how to get there. The first year of college is what helped me determine my life goals. Also, do not be afraid to ask for help. Everyone is way more friendly than you think. You will make friends whether you decide to live on or off-campus. Another tidbit you should know is to make a schedule that works for you. You are granted tons more freedom in college than high school. Now here's a big one... save money! You want to focus on your school work and academics, not money issues. You certainly do not have to be a poor college student. Most universities offer financial aid services as well. Get to know your options. Last but not least, STUDY HARD AND HAVE FUN!


Beforo college I was a mess, I was in the wrong direction. But when I decided to star college, I became more aware of what life really is. In my experience, I have met so many diferent people and so many different cultures. This opened my mind to start finding out more abour the world. Traveling around so I can see the world and learn about every single person I meet. College has given me responsibility and leadership to take my group to competitions. I have waken up my social awareness because of all the different events going on. And of course it has given me all of the elements that I need to continue my education and become a respected and honest profesional. It has been very valuable to attend college, because it has brought my life to order and now I see that there is future and I can change my own destiny. It just takes some effort.


I mad e alot of friends, learned about being on my own and gained a soli education that has given me a career that I have been gainfully employeed in since graudation.


College has been a great experience! It’s definitely challenging at the beginning, but there are many resources available to help me succeed. I have matured, being on my own, taking on more responsibilities like; managing money and time, appointments with professors or advisors, even the clinic etc. I definitely have a higher level of respect for my parents and everything they have done for me. It was a great decision for me to move away from my hometown, because I have the chance to make my own mistakes and learn from them, making me stronger, plus I don’t rely on my parents as much. It has benefited me, because I have met a lot of new people, I have also grown out of my shell, becoming more outspoken and my views aren’t tailored to everyone else’s. Being at college, is a new beginning, because there’s limitless freedom, students just need to be smart about what they do with that freedom. We also don’t need our parent’s permission to drive to the next town or stay out late every weekend. It’s our time to shine, learning from our mistakes.


I have gotten many things out of my college experience that have helped me enhance my life. I have learned how to break out of my shyness and become more outgoing. I learned how to work well with others better and not always have to have control of everything. I have learned subjects that I never would have thought of taking. I had to take these courses because they filled my general requirements, and I actually ended up having an interest in them. I have also learned how to ask for help when I am stuck on something or do not understand it. I never used to do this. I would always just try to figure it out myself; which would just stress me out. I have also learned how to organize and lay out my time wisely, so that I am not procrastinating finishing assignments or projects. I have learned many things from my college experience.


I have gained more out of college than I ever thought I would. College has allowed me to meet new people, interact with many different types of people, and get involved in a variety of activities. Effective use of technology is another valuable tool that I have gained while attending college. Certain classes are technology-based and the access to computers, onlines classes, and library databases are just a few examples of valuable technology use at college. It is valuable to attend college for all of those reasons and more. College lets students figure out what they want to do in life. There are many different career paths to choose from. Taking classes and participating in events and activities on campus helps individuals to decide what they want to do in the future. College can also provide job opportunities as well as lifelong friendships. College has been one of the best times of my life and I recommend attending college to everyone!


So far, from my college experience, I have learned that college is a big step up from high school. I am no longer breezing through each class not having to pay attention, I am no longer guided along step by step by teachers, and I am no longer babied by my parents. I have learned that I have to take responsibility for everything including feeding myself, making payments on time, doing my laundry, and for any consequences I may have to face for my actions. It is important to know that although I may have to do everything on my own now, I am still allowed to ask for help, and that there are plenty of people willing to be there for me along the way. It has been valuable to attend college because it teaches me to grow up, with or without me realizing it.


The value I have gotten from my college experience is time management. I went from being a high school student with a free schedule to a full-time college student with difficult homework and not much time to complete it. For me, the biggest challenge was figuring when and how to study. After some time I mastered my plan of action, and I rarely procrastinate any more. Without this college experience, I would not be able to function well in a full-time job. Being here at Winona State helped me organize my time and use it to the best of my advantage. It has helped me grow personally and emotionally to manage my time well, and I will always acknowledge my first year of college as my life lesson of time management.


I haven't yet attended my school of choice; I enroll in the spring of 2011. But, I do believe that the preparations for getting ready for college is a very important college experience. When first applying for college, I felt excited, stressed, anxious, and nervous. The application process was a tedious and stressful setting, I remember thinking. And all the while, I felt as though I was designing my future; shaping, and molding it with reckless abandonment. In the end, it was well worth the time and energy I put into it. I've been accepted into the college of my dreams, where I hope my life will start to take its full form. Money is the only thing holding me back now, and I'm hope that this scholarship will help me continue through with my college experience. Having struggled to get through the stressful process that is applying for college, and dealing with matters of finding the payment for college has definitely given me a true sense of responsibility and a greater appreciation for the rewards granted for all my hard work.


So far, through my college experience i have learned what it is that I am devoted to. I figured out I have a passion for interior design, and that is what i should do for a career. I have also learned how to manage my time wisely and what type of people I should hang around with in order to be successful.


There are some that believe that an education towards a bachelors or associates, let alone a masters, won't be worth much when achieved and finished with school, albeit to this economic climate we are in, so this a discouragement from pursuing college. But I can only say that even though I haven't transferred to state yet, It is already rewarding, and the knowledge in itself is worth more than I could make in a lifetime. And I also believe the economy will be back up and running by the time I get out with a B.A. In my Digital Media major, the things and tools I have learned to use and understand are simply empowering and so interesting/exciting to embark upon like how to use Photoshop, cut up and edit and "pizazz" videos, and even how to better art on paper which I have never done even on a high school level. As for an overall experience, it's been challenging at first, but have adapted to an atmosphere of great opportunities to potential success via careers, internships, great facilities, and even new and lasting friendships with other students and even some professors.


I have gotten so much out of my college experience. I have found so many new friends, I love the atmosphere here, I have learned so much in my classes, and I am having a great time. If anyone ever asked to me recommend a college I would definitely recommend Winona State University. I know you might think that I rated Winona high because I might think it will get me the money but truely that has nothing to do with it. Through the cross-country team, my classes, and just walking around campus I have met so many wonderful people that I intend to be friends with for a lifetime. GO WINONA!!!


College can open up a myriad of opportunities. As a foster child with limitations on my horizon, going to college has defied the handicaps society has dubbed me with. It has given me the chance to achieve my potential and to actualize my goals. Knowlege is empowering; I can share my energy, talent, and ideas. I can give back to a system that has has given to me. I can give people the most valuable gift- themselves.


I cannot explain how much I have grown in the time I have been in college. Coming from an extremely small town and graduating from a high school class of 15 students, the chance to better myself and have a voice just did not happen as often as I would have liked. However, once I moved to collge, I knew I was meant to be here. I loved Winona the moment I stepped on campus and have grown to love it even more throughout my days here! College has given me opportunities to have a voice and express myself in a positive way that will influence others. It has given me the opportunity to excel in classes and understand the value of getting to know as many people as possible, both students and professors. I have learned more about who I am, what I stand for, and who I want to become in the future. I have outstanding confidence and self esteem now compared to when I was in high school and that means the world to me! College is the best thing that has happened to me so far in my life, and I cannot be more grateful!


Well I have not started but, I do start Augest 31. I can wait! So I will tell you why I think is valuable to go. Why is it because , you have to go to learn. The more you learn the better off you will be when you are done. I'm a stay at home mom now. But after I am don't I would like to open a bussiness. So already bring 23 and haven a family I know just how inportant it is to go. It is really hard out there now and with out a digree in something it is hard to find work. I only wish that I would have gone when I got out ofHigh school. College is not about partys. But going and applying yourself. So you can make the best out of life. So if you are not going to go to class then why even go to school because you are not going to pass the class by staying home and partying. So i hope that you don't just trow mine you because it ws hard to write this one because I have not started. Well thank you for everything.


I have not yet had the chance to experience college; but i will be attending this Fall. I am extremely excitied to be able to experience something like this. An education is very important to me, and i did not want my education to end at just highschool. i am a very ambitious person, and want to stretch my boundaries beyond belief. I want to get everything i can out of mu life, and i know that college is the way to do so. I have visitied the campus i will be attending, and by just seeing it, i know it will be a very enjoyable experience. And although it is a community college (Long Beach City), i know that it will give me the tools and chance to fufill my dreams of attending a four year college. College is the thing that will make my life that much better, and i cannot wait to see how it will be once i begin attending.


My college experience has shaped me into the person I am today. The opportunities, experiences, and challenges have helped me to discover my passions, and decide what I would like to do with my future. I have been given many hands on experiences within my program that have allowed me to test the waters and discover which specific area of study I would like to pursue. I believe that college is valuable to attend, because it gives an opportunity to broaden your horizons of knowledge, learn about a variety of people and places, and it will help you succeed in your career. Employers are not only looking for an educated individual to fill their positions, but if you receive an education you are more likely to advance within your business and capture a stable and happy future.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience so far. Although I am only going to be a sophmore this upcoming year, i still have learned a lot about adapting to a new environment and being on my own, away from my parents. Being on your own is a big change for most people and leaves you with a great deal of authority over yourself and what you do and gives you the power to make all your own decisions. A great thing about Winona is that the campus is all in one area so it doesnt take much time to adapt to the campus and find your way around. The towns people also seem very friendly to the college students and make the experience even better. Pretty much anything you need is within walking distance and easily found. Overall my experience at Winona State has been great so far.


I graduated from a high school class of 15 students. I was excited to go to a University that had thousands of students! I was ready to meet as many people as possible! I knew I wanted to attend Winona State ever since I was in junior high. I knew that WSU had excellent standards for the Nursing curriculum! I have completed a full year at WSU now and could not have asked for a better experience! I did amazing in my classes and learned more than I could have imagined in one year! I became involved in many campus activities and met more people and friends than I could have imagined! I even became the president of one my clubs! That was never even an option in my tiny high school! I feel like I have developed into a mature and more confident woman after attending WSU. I know my self esteem has skyrocked and I feel like I can accomplish anything now. I couldn't imagine what my life would be like if I didn't attend college. It truly has made me a better person. I look forward to many more years of experiences in the future!


Attending Xavier University has been both a challenging and rewarding experience for me. Xavier is a historically Black University which now is extremely diverse with many cultures. It has been both a culture shock and an eye opening experience. At Xavier University the students are very focused on who they are and what they want to become. At Xavier I have become more independent in my thinking and exposed to new and diverse ideas. Xavier faculty challenge me everyday to open my mid to new ways of thinking and discover my full potential. It is exhausting and thrilling at the same time. It is every thing my mother promised her university would be and more. I am now a true thinker, not just a compilation of facts and figures. I can hold my on in a discussion and logically bring my opponent to respect my thoughts. I am confident and am growing into the Christian man my mother raised me to be. Xavier University is the only Black Catholic University in America. My spiritual needs are met everyday. I feel the presence of something higher on this campus. It has been the best decision of my short life..


Attending Winona State University as a freshman this past year has been an incredible experience for me. Growing up in a small town where everybody knows your name made me a little a nervous about attending college. I have quickly embraced college life and the freedom that comes with being an independent student yet in a protected environment. Attending a four year university helps define who you are as an individual. The basic values that I have learned growing up have helped me make smart decisions and choices about my future. One of the best college experiences that I have come to realize is that I am in charge of my own destiny. I need to make choices about classes I will attend, organizations that I will join and seeking advice to help plan my future. Each decision I make is a reflection of the person that I am and the person that I want to be. I do not believe that I would have taken control of my own life in such a manner if I had not made the decision to attend college. I am self-motiviated and believe that I can make a positive change.


I sometimes wish I could defy the space-time continuum and travel back to my senior year of high school. As a recent college graduate, I have some counsel I would impart to my eighteen-year-old self. Apply yourself and discover your passions. You?re paying for your education, and if not, someone else is funding it for you. Embrace the challenge of projects that are bigger than yourself and your own personal goals. Be open-minded, but not so open that your brain falls out. Know why you hold the beliefs you do, but don?t be afraid to learn things that change the way you think about the world. Make friends and keep them; invest in relationships that will last. Get involved and stay involved. Still, be realistic: limit your activities so you can know the people in them and keep your commitments. Get to know people who are like you and different from you. Connect with both. Disappointments are inevitable; some will be small mishaps, others life-changing experiences. Maintain perspective and balance?college is a remarkable opportunity to learn about yourself, others, the world, and how your future can dynamically impact all three.


If I could say anything to myself during senior year, I would tell myself three basic things in order to make my transition go more smoothly. Firstly, I would tell myself to always keep things in perspective. The first time I realized that I had two tests and a project in the same week I felt like the world was crashing down around me! Of course, I got through all of the stress and looking back it didn?t seem so terrible. But if I would have been able to keep everything in perspective I would have been a lot less stressed. Secondly, I would have told myself to be really outgoing and take every social opportunity that presented itself right away in the first semester. Right at the start of the semester everyone is trying to make friends, and it?s much easier to get to know people when everyone is making an effort. Thirdly, I would tell myself to make sure that I take time for myself. College can get really hectic, but if you don?t make time for yourself, it?s impossible to succeed in school. These are very important things for entering students to know.


Dear Senior Self, I know you may not believe me when I say this, but college is not as scary as everyone makes it out to be. You are in your senior year and this is your year to shine. You are at the top of the food chain right now so grab every advantage you can. My biggest suggestion to you is to take more Advanced Placement Classes. You may be thinking to yourself, "No way! I'm not ruining my GPA." Just trust me. The more AP courses you take in high school the better off you will be in college. If you take AP courses you will also be gaining college credits in high school and it is not costing you any money. Remember to let yourself shine and get involved around school. GPA is not the only thing that is important. Be involved and be active. Prepare yourself and get yourself ready to be the best college student you can be. Get into good studying habits now before it is to late. One final piece of advice...take advantage of Grandma's cooking more. The cafeteria is NOT like Grandma's cooking. Good Luck, College Self


It would have been very helpful if I could have gone back in time and tell myself what I know now about college. First, I would tell myself to become more involded in groups and attend more events so that I could meet more people. There are many events put on by the dorms where you can meet peole in your dorm. I also wish I would have gotten involved in one of the community service groups at Winona St., like habitat for humanity, because that is not only a great way to meet new people but also to help out the community that you are living in. I would have also told myself about the amount of homework I would be getting because it is a lot more compared to the amount that Igot in high school. Then, I could have been more prepared and not as overwhelmed by how much homework and reading I would have to do. If I could go back and tell myself these things as a high school senior, I think I would have a better college experience.


If I was to go back and start my senior year of high school over again, I would have tried to better prepare myself my previous high school years. I should have planned to take more challenging classes as a senior to better prepare me for rigerous college curriculums. I think if I would have challenged myself in high school, it would have helped me learn to balance my social and academic lives better. In high school I was at every game of every sport if possible, and I love going to college games, but now college sporting events take a backseat to my school work. I wish I would have learned to balance that a little better. I chose a major that involves alot of personal time, taking up nights and weekends. Learning to balance my social life and academics my freshman year was a big wake up call for me and I wish I would have known the course load when I had the opportunity to take college courses in high school.


Throughout my entire senior year of high school, people constantly told me what I needed to do to prepare myself for college. Not once, through the millions of guest speakers, guidance counselor talks and college prep courses, did they ever prepare me for ACTUAL college. First, I would make sure to tell myself to figure out where and when is the best time to study. Getting caught up in college can make you forget what you need to do, but I would tell myself to set time aside, in a quite place to study and really focus. And to also spend more time than needed on classes. Just doing the homework is never enough, you must study, read and do extra assignments if need be. Secondly, I would tell myself to get involved. Getting involved gives you something to do besides just sitting in your dorm and it is a great way to meet people throughout campus; ones from all different walks of life. Most importantly, ENJOY COLLEGE! It is the time of your life, soak it up and dont take it for granted. :)


If i could go back, and give myself some advice about coming to college, I would tell myself to immerse yourself in college life right away. College sounds like it's going to be scary; you are going to be in a new place, far from home, and your familiar routines. Things will be different, but don't look at it as something unfortunate, look at the situation as an opportunity, and embrace this opportunity from the moment that you arrive on campus. People aren't going to come to you; you need to chase after them. Forget your shyness, and try to make friends with as many new people as you can. And once you've met these new people, make an effort to further your friendship with them; going to dinner with them, going to see their dorms, and hanging out during spare time. You also need to put yourself in new situations; attend sporting events and join a club or two. It's important to really experience college life and everything it has to offer. You have to relax and enjoy your time here, because it's some of the best years of your life yet.


Congratulations on making it this far, but be prepared for the next chapter in your life. One thing you will really need to foucs on is the schoolwork. High School sure seemed like a breeze, yeah even though you studied hard, but you will have to really study in college. Be prepared to take lots of time to read, yes read, and study. You will have to make new ways to study but if you put your mind to it and put your heart into it, you will succeed. Also, don't be afraid to meet new people, that is what college is all about. Have a roommate, deal with the stress, if any, but try to avoid it. Get the courage to just say "hi" to people; it will not hurt you. Explore the town and get involved. Really get involved or you will find yourself a little bored. Finally, enjoy it to the max, even if you are not sure about your college choice you are here now so enjoy it. Oh yeah, and make sure to have a lot of fun!


I procrastinated a lot when I was a senior. I also didn't know how to manage my time and end up getting stressed-out. If I could go back, I would go and start managing my time, creating time slots so I know what I have to do during the day. I also should put school work first and think about being active in the things that I do. I also did not look into many scholarships as much as I should have. I learnefd now how expensive college is. Although I go to a state university and tuition is slightly lower than some colleges, I still have to figure how to pay for my tuition, room/baird, and most importantly, my daily necessities after I've paid so much.


if i could go back in time and talk to myself theres so much i would say. for starters i am an immigrant girl who came to the united stated during the later years of middle school so i followed what my parents thought were the words of the wise in other words my high school couselor. theres so much i missed out on in the sense of scholarships, act prep tests, college visits. now i try to help underrepresented high school students by looking for scholarships for them to use and for other kids in their schools to use as well. i do research on programs that would not limit them into pursuing education at the best places that you would only know by reading about on books such as paying out-of-state tutionwith instate rates such as the midwest student exchange program, academic common market in the south, western undergraduate exchange in the west, & the new england board of higher education regional student program. i would tell them to strive for their best and nothin less. to do what their parents couldnt because they are the future, our sleepin generation and they need to wake up.


Manage time wisely by using a daily planner and write everything down! Otherwise, you will forget. Remember to keep in touch with family by calling regularly. Make sure your priorities are in order with school as number one. Take notes and do practice problems that aren't assigned so you are extra prepared for class. Come out of your shell some more and you'll make many more friends. Be social with others, but try to avoid parties; they will get you trouble. Keep a lot of pictures of friends and family up in your room so you don't feel so lonely. The dorms aren't as big as you remember, so leave stuff at home!! Join at least one club on campus. Visit the library for quiet study space. Look for a part time job before they're all taken. Find time in your schedule to volunteer and help others that need it. Be nice to your mother. She may be a pain in the butt, but she's done so much for you. Study hard and keep your eye on the prize. Look forward to the future because it just gets better.


If I could go back to being a high school senior I would tell myself many things. The first thing I would explain to myself is that studying should not be done just to take the test. I would make myself remember and comprehend the material so that I could use that knowledge in college. I would also make myself aware of the fact that high school may seem hard but it is not. The amount of studying done is college is about four times the amount done in high school. The last thing I would tell myself is that the professorsare not as scary as people make them seem. College professors are really there to help you as a student and they want to be there. The professors usually have their doctorettes and could be many other places if they did not want to teach.


First I would tell myself not to worry as much. Not to worry about whether I'll make friends or about what to bring to college. Every freshman is feeling the same thing and unless you have someone older who has gone to college it's not a big deal if you don't know what to bring. Making friends is easy with all the programs and activities going on. I would also advise myself not to worry as much about picking a major because you don't need to have one decided first semester. There are people who are juniors and not yet decided on a major. Basically college isn't THAT big of a change. Sure it's a little bit harder, but if you work hard you'll do fine. Starting college was like starting highschool; with a couple thousand people I'd never met before.