Winston-Salem State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Our school is best known for being an HBCU, being "The Rams", being the first HBCU to make it to the National Title Game in so many years and having many other good sports win titles, some for the first time EVER in school history like the Women's Tennis Team that I am a member of.


My shcool is best known for its amazing nursing program; majority of the people who attend this school are here as nursing majors!


Our school is best know for our Nursing and Occupational Therapy program. The school is also known for our CIAA cheerleading team. Achieving high academic standards is what WSSU is known for.


All of our sports teams suck, but the Red Sea Of Sound is a really good band.It is not a huge band, but the band is large enough to produce great music and engage the crowd while watching the sorry football team.


My school is know for its community service givings. Also as an alternative to the other major university in the city. They take time to give each incoming freshmen the opportunity acquaint themselves with the college life/experiences.


I would say that my school is best known for producing very productive, enthusiastic and successful graduates.


My school is best known for their Motor Cross Management Program, as well as their Nursing program.


Winston-Salem State University is a historically african american university that offers a baccalaureate and also graduate progrmas to students of other race. Winston-Salem State, "WSSU", is know for their competitive Nursing program of which why I am attending the school. It has been stated that, "U.S. News and World Report has ranked the university among Top Public Comprehensive Colleges in the South - Bachelor's Category for the last nine years (2001-2009)." -The Winston-Salem State University website.


My school is best known for their nursing program which i hope to be in one day and its known for being a Historically Black College University. It is also known for having a higher graduation rate in the nursing program than a lot of other schools.


Sports and a great teacher education and nursing program.


Our cheerleaders and band. Also our nursing program.


Nursing and Teaching


my school is best known for the marching band called the "red sea of sound" and being ranked in the top 5 among hbcu's in the south for 6 years in a row.


Our school spirit is what Winston-Salem State University is best known for.


My school is best know for it great nursing school. We also have a great humam perfomance school.