Winston-Salem State University Top Questions

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The students are very friendly and so are the professors. Its a beautiful small campus, great for people who do not want a big campus.


The main reason why I chose my school was because it was an HBCU ( Historically Black College or University). I've always wanted to attend and HBCU because as an African American I'm able to learn about my historical background. I think that makes my school unique, it caters to African Americans allowing us to recieve an education and better ourselves.


We are a sort of small school with a big spirit that challenges schools three times our size.


My school allows us to have fun while getting our education. We are not just boxed in. My school lets us be creative and express ourselves. Some other schools that I considered we more closed in and I didn't really like that.


Compared to other colleges, Winston-Salem State University feels more like a big family. Everybody gets along very well. There is always someone willing to help you out in any way possible. Here, it feels like the entire school engages in parties together and studies together.


Winston-Salem Statue University is unique because it is very cultural and diverse compared to what I am used to. This university has many opportunities for individuals to enjoy. It has a wonderful nursing program, fine arts, computer science, business and much more.


I do not find anything unique about this school. I feel that I am deprived of a real "college experience". There is no school spirit and most people transfer from this school.


That it's the only school i would consider to anybody that is thinking about college.


What is unique about my school compared to other schools as that it holds a tradition. The tradition is that it its one of the HBCU (Histiorically Black College or University) and in the sport of cheerleading. Winston-Salem State University is known for having one of the best cheerleading squads between the HBCU's.


It's an HBCU.