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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


It is good to get the college life experience but dont get wrapped up in the college life style and forget about the education you are paying for. There are benefits with living close to home. There is academic help on campus so dont be afraid to use it. Get out there and have fun but dont forget college is the doorway to a happy, successful future!


Just stay focused and keep your head up. There are times when you will be frustrated, but don't lose focus and don't give up! College is the best decision you can ever make, so make the best of the experience ok!


I would tell myself to make sure I save up for college. Make sure I start out strong and try not to procrastinate. As soon as I get an assignment either start on it or finish it and do not wait until the last minute. Be outgoing and social because you may meet a lot of people that can help you to do great in class. They can help you with your work or let you borrow there book if you do not have one. And make sure I do my best and do not settle for a C.


I would first and foremost tell myself to begin applying for scholarships as early as possible, meaning ninth grade or even earlier. Being, that I was a student-athlete, I would tell myself to not focus so much on the sports scholarship and to keep my options open. This is because for my first two years of college, I was on a basketball scholarship, everything paid for. Then what happens when your coach decides that he or she does not want you on the team anymore, for whatever reason? This is what happened to me. If I had known then what I do now, I would have easily said no to an athletic scholarship and opted out for an academic one and still be on the team. So in case if this happened I would still have something to fall back on. As we all know college is very expensive especially during these economic times. I also know that not only me, but a lot of other college students could use any extra help.


I believe the best advice I could give myself would be to stay focused. I have done pretty well in college although I was just an average student in high school, but I consider myself a person who has high self-esteem and I care about doing well. I am not a quitter so I have stuck out all my classes even when they were difficult. Since I have attended Winston-Salem, I have only dropped one class in 3 1/2 years and that was when I had 17 credits and the class required much more reading than I anticipated.


I would tell everyone to do research on the college of their choice. Take time to evalute different colleges and their campus. Ask a lot of questions to gain proper knowledge of the experience at that particular college. Also, choose a college that is accredited with your choice of major. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH!


I would go back and tell myself to go ahead and go to college as soon as I graduate because now most of my friends are graduating and Im still pushing towards my goal of finishing college. After high school I stay out of school a year and a half and just worked trying to grow up fast and make some money soon realizing that working and paying bills was hard when your only making eight dollars a hour. So I decided to go ahead and enroll in a community college and then transferred to Winston Salem State. So I would tell myself to slow done and keep pushing and focusing on my goals go straight to college don't waste time.


Knowing now that college is a totally different atmosphere than high school, I would tell myself to "Be Prepared, it's nothing like high school!" I would also tell myself that college is a wonderful place to expand your horizon and become anyone you want. Enjoy everything, yes, even the studying for tests, because it will be over with before you know it.


I would make a committment to myself to DEFINITELY attend college so I may achieve my goals for life.....


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school student I would have stressed the importance of earning my college degree. It is so much harder going to school as an adult, parent, and having bills to pay. I would have insisted to myself to wait on getting married and having kids. College takes a lot of time and money but it is well worth it. I thought that I could have a lasting job in the tesxtile industry without a college degree and was so wrong. If I had it to do over, I would have finished before having a family and so many responsibilities. Teenagers do not realize how much simpiler life is going to college if they don't have as many economic restraints. I am now 33 and wished so much that I would have done this straight out of high school. Now, I stay up half the night studying and doing homework after the kids go to bed. My life now is comprised of fitting my college life into a life that was already full.


I would have told myself, back in high school, to take 1-2 years off and then go to college. I think that going to college right after school, when there were so many things in life I wanted to experience, made me less focused on my work. Going back to school a little older and wiser has made me a better student. I put so much more effort into my schoolwork, and my grades are awesome.


i dunno...


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high senior I would advise myself to take classes more seriously, because college is not easy. I would let myself know college isn't cheap and to save the money from my job in high school to pay for books, parking decals, ink for my printer, and also the money I needed for tuition that I didn't recieve from financial aid like I was supposed to. I would just let myself know that it's going to be a struggle but insure myself that I can do it.


Stay on track and make good grades. Develop study habbits and just stay focused on why your in school to start off with. Remember to get involved with things or groups on campus and just enjoy life!!!


I would recommend writting a list of qualities you would like the college you attend to have; not just the size of the school and classes. List things such as the type of social life you are comfortable with, availible transportation ( trains, busses, aiports, taxies), the setting of the school. Attend the open houses offered to get a comfortable feel with the school and its adminstration, talk with students from the school to see how they feel about the school. Then compare each school with you list to see who offers what you want. Remember its your choice.


I would like to say make sure that the college has exactly what you are looking for academically and socially. Visiit the school so you can get the feel of being there. see if this is the place that you really want to be. Check out the background history of the school. Discover the different extracurricular activities if that is of interest. Size is very important. Some students want to be at a large school and some prefer small. Check out the classroom sizes to see if it would be a comfortable learning environment for you. I feel the best way to enjoy your college years is to be involved in something. You do not have to join every organization, but find something that interests you. Do not be afraid to socialize. College allows you to meet diverse groups of people. Get to know your instructors and do not be afraid to ask them for help. Also get to know your advisors so you can stay on the correct academic path for the career you are pursuing.


College is what you make out of it. You don't have to go to Harvard or Yale to come out on top. College is all about getting a education and networking. You have to network everywhere you go becuase you never know who you're talking to. You could go to a small school, but, if you have a good network, after graduation you just might be sitting next to a Harvard graduate at work.


The advice I would give is to find a college that dedicated to the students needs. To make your college experience worth while, get involved in academic based clubs that will help you academically. Get involved in sports to keep you active and find friends that you share the same interests with.


Visit, tour, and research the opportunities of your school. Be sure to separate work and play, business and leisure to be successful and still have fun in college. Do not follow your friends to college, it is imperative to set your own standard and be trailblazer! Become involved in positive activities that promote unity, goodness, well-being, and amusement. Make the best out of each and every situation you encounter, positive or negative.


Enjoy you college experience and don't take moments for granted if you work hard and study it'll pay off, you can have fun as well.


I would advice parents and/or students to choose the right college by choosing the best one that suits them. College is a way for a student to expeirence a new beginning into adulthood. Location and price matter but if one does not like the atmosphere then the ability to like the school will become harder to enjoy.


As a college student I would advise parents and/ or students to find the right college by doing tours and research. It is improtant not to focus on one particular college, but have options. Be sure to consider accreditation of not only the school, but also the schools programs. Doing research can take some time, but it could also save a student from unnecessary pain. Other information to consider would be the cost, the surrounding area, and the campus life. Is it worth what you pay? Is it a safe community? Does the campus facilitate activites to inspire growth? When you step on that campus it should feel like home in your heart. With any major move in live it should give you that anxious feeling of what it has to offer and challenges that are worth a fight.


Do not go off of your parents belief of what the college will be like. Because times have changed since they have been there. The school and people may have changed by time you get there. Not only that but you may not like same things they liked at that time in there life. Basically, im saying, choose a school thats fits you and the type of person you are in order to get the best college experience.


The advice that I would give to a student about finding the right college is to never give up. There are so many colleges that offer many different opportunities and programs. Some students may want to give up after applying to various colleges and universities without acceptance or that have not found a college to commit to. If the student remains positive and continues to strive for excellence, the "perfect fit" college will happen with time and patience! Once attending the desired college it is vital that the student persevere through the entire college experience. Times will be hard but with hard work the benefits that you reap will be so rewarding. It is also important that prospective college students start looking early. The earlier the process starts the better the results. The key is to know what you want to do in life and look for colleges that cater to the needs of your future. Here at Winston-Salem State University we "Enter to learn and depart to serve". I believe that all students enter their place of higher education, to learn and expect to depart and serve.


My advice to parents and students is to do as much research as humanly possible of the schools you are interested in. Come up with a plan A, B, and C as far as the schools you like and start applying. A lot of young students take for granted their education when someone else is paying for it. I am an adult student attending college and i take it more serious than a lot of other students. My advice to students would be to treat college like a job and take it serious. You can still have fun while there but use your time wisely. These four years come before you know it. Make the most of your college experience by making yourself available for every beneficial opportunity that comes your way.


take your time because you will be putting a lot of your time nad money in the college you choose and just make the best out of everything you do. it's only as fun and great as you make it .


Don't judge a college by it's pictures!!!!!!!!!!! Know what you want in a college. All colleges are about money but you want to pick the college to fit your needs and not theirs. And just because you didn't get accepted doesn't mean you can't go to college it simply means that you are better at another college.


Look at all of your choices. Compare schools that are strong in more than one field that you are interested in. Join as many activities as you can handle.


Advice that I would give parents and students about finding the right collage and making the most of the college experince is when finding a college to attend always think of the diversity of students, how organized and the attitudes of the adminstators, the professors, the cost of the school, the condition of dorms, and never let the children go to a school thats in your hometown. When thinking of a college of diversity it give college students to learn more about different culturals and how to adopt to differnt enthic groups. The office should be organized, have good serivce to college students, and hlep them to get things done quick and easy. Make sure professors can teach to your learning style of how you learn in the classroom and what techniques well help you succeed in the classroom. Condition of dorms should include safety such as door locks should work properly or windows should be in a good condition to where they will not be robberys. Also chose a school that is at least 40 to an hour away from home if chosen to stay close to home so they learn not to be depentent on parents.


Finding the right college is very important because most likely you will be at that university for four years, a lot of freshman drop out after the first semester because they realize that the college they chose was not right for them.


The advice I would give to all students/parents about finding the right college, don't pick a school because of its popularity or its size. Do research about the institution and make sure this institute is right for you. Find out if this school is prominant in your major, find out what percentage of its students received jobs after graduation, how long did it take them to become employed after graduating. Check to see how helpful their career service is and does this institute sit well with different companies in the community. Then find out if the students are friendly and inviting, and are the professors compassionate and willing to give you 100%. To make the most of your college experience I would have to say get involved, meet new people. Join some of the organizations on campus, participate in the activites, volunteer for school functionings. Also build a relationship with your professors, let them get to know who you are. Visit them during office hours, ask questions, and participate in class. Another way of making the most of your college experience is to remember you are paying for this education so study and use the school resources.


Starting your college search early key and essential in selecting the right school. Take advantage of high school workshops and campus visits when offered, and the earlier the better. This will assist in the process of selecting the schools that you really love and eliminating the schools that you thought you would like, but upon visiting realizing the school really isn't for you. Once you've completed the search process it definately makes life a lot easier for the selection process, freeing up time for the search of college money!! School is very expensive especially if attending out of state, therefore ensuring that your focus and dedication are there prior to attending is another definate must in order to make the most of the college experience.


The most important thing of any college experience in my opinion is to not waste any money or future career opportunities. In other words, there are too many people in the world who would like to attend college, but do not have accessible funds to do so. Take your college seriously. Encourage your children to go to ALL of their classes and soak up as much knowledge as they possibly can! This world is nothing but a competition, neck to neck, and there is always going to be someone who has one more thing to offer, or is better at a skill than you....LEARN TO NEVER SETTLE FOR AVERAGE!!! someone great once told me "DONT JUST BE GOOD..BE GREAT!!!"


The most important thing is to have a base of support in school. Dont room with friends because you are both growing and may grow apart, living apart will give them that space and may improve your relationship. you get out as much enjoyment from your school as the effort that you put into it. Participation in extra curricular activities will improve your overall college experience. stay on campus if you can, it will save you money on gas and rent and is more convenient overall. though college is a big deal dont stress about it, plan well and be prepared to pick up the pieces because no matter how prepared you sare college will throw you curve balls


Do your research on the school. Check out the background and inside information about the school. Make sure you visit the any open-houses that avaible before you enroll so that you are able to check out the scenery and how everyone interacts on campus. Ask around about the college like current students who attend. And just make sure that you know that this is the school you want to attend for the next four years because it is longer than what you think!


Don't choose that college just because your boyfriend /girlfriend or your best friend plans on attending. Have your priorities in line and go down the list.


I would encourage students and parents to do background research on the school. I would encourage them to visit and find out what type of environment they will be in if they went to the school.


I would tell parents to consider what type of student their child was in high school because they are likely to maintain those same habits, therefore they need to be in an enviroment where they can suceed. Another important factor in selecting a college is surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals because college is a place where you meet life long friends and an experience that teaches you who you are as a person. Academic programs are very important but he socail life of the campus shouls be considered as well becasue if a student is consantly bored or becames depresseed it will reflect in their classroom preformance and could ultimately lead to them leaving the school. The final factor that should be considered when selecting a college is having the resources to pay for college because unexpected events will occur and money is hard to come by while in school . So students have a lot to consider but the decision should be that of the family with the student's opinion in mind above all others.


Do all the research possible on any and every school you're interested in and make sure you find more means than one on getting the money to pay for tuition.


When you try to figure out what school you would like to attend after high school you have to sit down and really think about why you would like to chose this school and how their academics are and how the staff and professors are. You really have to think about it this is a school that you will attend for the next 4-10 years of your life so in choosing you ahve to make sure that this is where you want to go. When getting to college you have to life your life to it's fullest. It's alot of hard work and you really have to focus. It's okay to go out and have fun with friends but if you have work to get done make sure it's done before you go. The college experience is great but it starts with you you have to make it fun.


I would say do research about everything. Make sure the surroundings are appropriate, that the academics are high priority, extra curricular activities areto your liking are available,campus security, amount of financial aid, food plans and services are to your liking. Just check everything!


When you look into a school look into all the aspects of the school. Don't just look at your major look at the financial aid office and other departments that will be dealing with your personal business.


Make sure your child makes the grade during high school. Study hard, play fair, and focus all of the time. Balance your life. Don't overwhelm yourself with classes.


If I could give advice to parents and future college students I would advise them to never settle for less than what they want in and expect of a college. College is a fun and exciting time but in order to suceed one must be able to juggle. and mulititask. I would tell the students that whatever they do while at college it should be done with intergrity. Make the most out of every learning experience and never take a day of life and education for granted.


I would say please take your time to think about what you really are looking for in a college. Don't apply just because your friends are doing so and by all means visit each and every college that you apply to. Things are very different in person than they are on paper. Talk to students who attend there, have graduated from there and even people who work there if you can.


The advice that I would give parents and/or students about finding the right college and making the most of their college experience is to begin by doing research on different schools. Depending on what the student wants to do they should look at schools that support their major and has an excellent program. Once you do the research then the next step is to take a trip either in a group or on their own and learn about different opportunities that can help them reach their goal. Also, it doesn't hurt to ask people on campus within that major what they have to do and how they have to get what they need in the 4 year time frame. Sometimes what you want in the beginning may not be your passion, so it is good to look into other option. The last thing is being active helps you meet people. Some people try to be too involved because they feel like they need to be in everything but it only takes one organization that strikes your interest the most. The most important thing is education but you have to be active to enjoy the college life.


make sure that your child has visited and knows they consequences of every aspect of the college down to advisors and the housing and financial aid information


Make sure you start early and weigh out all of your options. Don't be afraid of diversity. Those are schools where I think you learn more. I attended a predominantly white university my freshman year and I can honestly say that I felt more challenged there. It was a unique experience to learn more about other cultures there. Plan ahead, Plan ahead, plan ahead. Don't be afraid to do the out of state schools. You get to travel and see more there!


From my humble amount of experience, I advise students to take a very active approach in finding scholarships and universities during the summer preceding their senior year. This is so they may focus on their studies and not be distracted by the prospect of college. In addition, I encourage my fellow students to look specifically at the SAT, GPA and other requirements of a school so that their chances of being accepted may be maximized. To the parents, I only ask that they make sure their children and my peers do not let up in their efforts to find and earn placement in a quality institution of higher education.


Advice that i would give would be that before going to a school I think that it is important that if possible one should visit the school before attending.

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