Winston-Salem State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Go where you can afford to go, so you will not have to struggle to pay for college. What most people do not understand is that financial aid gives you money for your tuition. You have to have money for books, food, gas (if you drive) personal care products , computers and expensives that are required by your classes, majors or University. That is every year. Also go somewhere where you are comfortable not because you want to get away from home or because your friends are going, because what is important to your friends or what is good for your friends and family may not be good for you. Enjoy your campus life but always remember what you are there for. My parents always tell me if you study hard now for these 4 years you can enjoy the benefits for the rest of your life. When you are studying and your friends are partying, you will graduate and have a job making 60,000 dollars and be able to do what you want to do, while your friends will be struggling to make it! Life is better when you do not have to repeat it!


I would tell the parents to make sure that the decision is made only by the student as to what college they attend because it is the student who has to attend that college and if the parents push too hard and the student does not like the school then it may not be good for the student. I would also tell them that school visits and tours are very important. Do your research and find the best school for you. I think that it is very important for the student to pick a school that fits them and their personality the best. A student should also make sure that the school that they attend has their major and some of the extra-curricular activities that like to participate in. All in all the student is the decider ofwhat school they attend. This is a very important decision that could affect the rest of the student's life.


The best advice to give parents/students on choosing a college is RESEARCH. Researching schools in/out of state is the best way to decide which college is right for the student. When researching, be sure to take notice of the degrees offered to ensure that the career goal you are searching for is offered at the chosen school. Also look up statistics for the school in your desired field. If a good passing rate and percentage are at the school then more than likely it is a good school to choose from. Also when entering college, students be sure to manage your time wisely. There will be many activites and events that you will want to attend, however, your main focus while at school is GRADUATION with a good academic standing/GPA. If you manage your time correctly, you will have plenty of time and opportunities to attend social & athletic events; as well as time with friends.


The advice that I would give students/parents about choosing the right college, is to choose a school that has a n excellent program for major. I would also tell them to make sure that they have fikked out their financial aid forms on time. Advice for making the most of their college experience is to stay focused, work hard, socialize with others on campus, and try to get invovled in some activites at school.

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