Winston-Salem State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The food places like the Burger Studio and The pizza place feel need to be replace with something better and not staying open as late because the cafe closes so early,also certain dorm halls need to remodeled or updated such as Atkins, Moore, and Wilson, but other than winston is perfect




Very unorganized and give students the run around when they are trying to solve problems as far as school goes.


Whenever contacted Winston Salem State University over the phone or through email, my classmates and myself always had trouble receiving help from the staff. They liked to transfer us to different departments and those departments liked to transfer us to someone else. It was very frustrating when I couldn't get a straight forward answer and got the "run around" from many of the departments because they didn't know the answers.


Outdated dormitory which I lived. They plan to update this dormitory this summer.


The worst thing about my school is the Financial Aid office and their lack of counseling. The office show poor interest when it comes to helping over the phone and once you are in person they send you on a wild goose chase to learn that they can't help you. There is not much advising or helping when looking for scholarships or loans. This has to be my worse oveall experience.


The worst thing I consider the worst is the way they handle financial aid. The reason for this is because alot of people depend on financial aid and most of the times they never have answers or give an accurate answer to help the students nor parents.


The worst thing would be the time the cafeteria closes besides there isnt much bad things i can see.


I find no fault down at Ram Country......WSSU


The worst thing about my school is that we do not have a variety of places to choose from when we eat. At WSSU we only have the cafeteria and Ram Shack to choose from, they serve basically the same things every week. Sometimes you get tired of choosing the same foods every week. To improve the situation I would bring in more restaurants to choose from, like a Chick-fil-a or Taco Bell.


The worst thing I would consider about my school is the freshman housing. It is the worst housing I could ever be offered. However, not all freshman stay in the dorm in which I live. They're rules are strict, we lose visitation all the time, and a couple of the Resident Assistants have bad attitudes.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the level of school spirit. Most students that attend WSSU do not value it for what it really is. Although WSSU does not have a lot of money the school as a whole does what it can to make activites that students can enjoy when they are not in class. A lot of schools think WSSU is cheap but I believe in a economic crisis WSSU will still be standing because of some of the decisions that have been made.


The worst thing about Winston-Salem State University is the lack of ethnic and culturally diversity. I believe that aside from an providing an education, the purpose of an University is to give students an understanding of what the real world is about. As the population of immigrants, and different cultures increase in the United States it is highly important for individuals to have experiences dealing with individuals that may be completely different from themselves.


The worst thing about Winston-Salem State University is the Financial Aid Department. It is completely unorganized. Most campus complaints are directed toward this department. Some students are not even emmitted into school for different semesters at a time because of their financial aid problems. If there is a problem with your financial aid at this school, the department does not notify you, and if they do it is usually on very short notice. The lines filing out of the financial aid office have exceeded five hour waits on the return of every school year.


the staff that work in financial aid,housing and billings and recieveable are very rude


The way we dont have very many good on campus activities. Because I want to get to know people and spend time with my classmates but it seems as if the only way you can do that is if you live on campus.


The worst thing about Winston Salem State is our parking. There is no parking for students on campus. The school is constantly towing students vehicles and giving out tickets but yet there is no where for us to park. They opened up a new parking lot for us this year but the problem is its 2-3miles down the road. So you cant walk to class from the parking lot so you have to wait on the shuttle which is always late and full.


Parking, because alot of people move off campus and therefore parking availability has decreased tremendously.


I think the worst thing is that there is often not a lot of assistance for students with problems in courses. If there is assistance, it is only offered at one t ime and many times, there are conflicts with other classes when the assistance is offered. That is your one and only chance at getting help.


Finacial-aid here stinks they always give you the run around and they never do anything on time. They give you your tuition bill the day before the money is due. They never give you enough money and you have to take out loans and your parents have to pay out of pocket for your tuition. The finacial-aid office does not answer their telephones and it is hard to get answers for what you need. And when school starts you have to wait in line of about 1000 people to talk to some one. Housing never has enough rooms!


I think that the worst thing about my school is the fact there aren't enough funds to go around for all of the students. Personally I have been faced with a struggle because I have not received enough financial aid. That created a hardship for me. There also seems to be a problem with having enough housing for all the students that want to attend the university.