Winston-Salem State University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I believe that the best thing about Winston-Salem State University would be the community or family feel. I don't think that the school is to big, I think that it is actually the perfect size. People are usually shocked when I say that you should apply to Winston-Salem State University simply because it is an HBCU, but most individuals who end up attending this University are very pleased. The most frequent complaints would be the food and sometimes the wifi on campus, but overall I love the school.


Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) is very focused on promoting excellence in all students. I love the level of dedication that the faculty and staff give. The motto is "Enter to learn, depart to serve." Almost everyone that I have known to attend WSSU says that the atmosphere is inviting and welcoming, and the environment is a happy one. There is a lot of diversity on WSSU's campus, even though it is an HBCU. Everyone is able to fit in. If I could change something about this school, I would probably want places like the library and cafeteria open longer hours. I'll always remember the extremely large amount of school spirit we show at athletic events (and all other events). My fellow classmates definitely know how to have fun. Overall, I thoroughly enjoy my time at Winston-Salem State University.


I feel that Winston Salem State is a school that is just the perfect size for someone who does not want to feel like a number to their professors. We have a growing campus but maintain a small classroom. some of our larger classes are held in the lecture halls but I have yet to see a class larger than 60 people. The majority of the classes here max out at 30 students. This school also has a lot of school spirit. When ever someone attends a football or basketball game there is always an overwhelming amount of Ram pride apparent there. This school was exactly what I was looking for. It is the perfect size, has great academics, talented sports teams and a loving campus community.


One thing I love about Winston-Salem State University is that it a very small school and the classroom sizes are small. I feel like the teachers are more able to interact with students and get to know them on a personal basic versus a larger school. Going to a HBCU I feel that all the students create a close bond and we have common goals.