Winston-Salem State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish someone would have told me that you would be hungry after 8:00 pm because the cafe stop serving at 7:00 pm and that the course work is not as easy as everyone make it out to be and you have study study study.


Winston Salem State University is a great school for education opportunities. It also is know for it's Athletics. I am currently a baseball pitcher for the Rams. I thought I would have a difficult time adjusting but the staff, faculity and studentss have made the transition extremely easy. I now call it my home away from home. I can not wait to return for my Junior year.


Berfore I attended this school I wish I had known the guy to girl ratio. There are about five or six girls to one guy. At times that can be a good thing, because I meet alot of beautiful and classy women, but on the other hand, when trying to date, it can be very competitive and dramatic.


I wish i would have known how high things would have been on campus, i would have been prepared to pay for books online instead of paying 100 dollars a book for my classes.


I wish that i had known about the number of degrees in biology given out each year. Knowing a statistic like this would have aided me in choosing a school in which biology is/close to being a top priority.


I had been on numerous college tour, and my last stop was Winston Salem State University. I really enjoyed the campus setting, class room set-up and most of all I found there Nursing Program to be one of the best amongst many HBCU's.


I wish I would have known I was going to have to do so much walking. WSSU is not a big campus but they have plenty of hills you have to hike up. I don?t see how people say freshmen will gain ?the freshman 15? with all this walking your required to do.


Before I came to this school I wish I would have known that the campus is dead a lot. There isn't much to do for fun on this campus. Knowing me, I like to have fun at least two times out of the week but the majority of the time there is nothing to do.


I wish that I would have known that you literally have to driv e somewhere to get what you need. My first year not having my car was my hardest year.


I wish I would had known more about the enivorment, campus life and also more about the nursing program. As of attending a college with not alot of knowledge about the university and nursing program, it is a very interesting but good school. I recommend if you are looking forward to attend a Historically Black College or University with a concentration in nursing, you attend this school. May I end with a famous quote, it is said, "college is what you make it."


I wish I had known how boring and uneventful it was going to be before I got there.


Before coming to this school, I wish someone would have told me that campus life and social life are dead. I had to find out things on my own. We need more advisors and faculty that is engaged in helping students.


I wish I had known that my student loan without my parent plus loan was only enough for my classes and not enough to stay on campus, and thats really my fault for not paying attention other than that nothing.


I wished that I had known how much time is involved with college. I thought that I could be a single-parent of two children, keep up a house, and work full time. I was unable to do this and tried to work part-time. Now I am doing side jobs to try to help make ends meet. We are struggling but I think it will be worth it once I obtain my degree as a Social worker and will be able to help people.


I wish I had known that the administration can sometimes be unhelpful. It would have prepared me a liitle more, so that I could have advocated for myself sooner rather than later.


I wish I had known how rural the environment and how weird the people were.


What I wish I would have known before I came to Winston-Salem State University is that some of the offices there give students the complete run around for no reason when the task is usually very simple. Also on how sometimes they are not on time with things and some of the workers in the office dont do well with frustration, sometimes have bad attitudes.


I wish i knew that the food was not so good and that there was not a lot of housing


I kind of knew everything before I attended this school because I have family who attend here. They told me what to look out for and showed me around the campus, before I started like where were the common hangout spots and which buildings held what classes, etc.


That financial aid was messed up and they will try to keep your money when you are not using it.


Before I got to school I really did not know what I wanted to major in so I just took the S.A.T and did okay so that I could get accepted. What I wish I had known what that majoring in elementary education if I had a satisfying score I would be exempt from taking the Praxis 1 to be certified.


How challenging the classes would be.