Winthrop University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is diverse, colorful, culturally rich, and hands-on.


Winthrop Univesity is an amazing school that has everything you could ever want and more. It has a beautiful campus and plenty of options for clubs, sororities/fraternities, and classes.


Winthrop is a well organized school that wants to teach and help their student become brighter students and help those students pursue their dream job.


A great prestigious and diverse university.


Winthrop University is a welcoming educational environment with their largest goal being to fufilling the needs of their students both academically and as a family.


Winthrop University is like a rhino, we always look forward and can never look back.


The right size with the right priorities in mind.


Winthrop is a small southern school with a diverse atmosphere and a historic campus.


Winthrop tends to be rather cliquey. But once the students get to know other people, those barriers ususally dissapear.


Winthrop is a small school located in a small town in South Carolina. It has great basketball program and no football program. It is located near Charlotte NC so there is plenty to do off campus. It is a beautiful campus that is easy to walk and get around. The weather is great most of the time. We do get a bit of snow or ice in the winter but it doesn't last long. It's students are diverse in race and there is Greek life and other clubs to get envolved in.


My school has a very beautiful campus, and the faculty make it worth-while.


This school is very welcoming, and engaging and focuses heavily on academics.


Winthrop was made for me to attend. Ever since I started to anttend I have been the happiest I have ever remembered being. The people are amazing, the place in general is awesome. I am very excited and lookign foward to graduating from Wintrhop.


The student body is diverse, and all of the classes I've taken here have been very valuable to me in my education.


The reason I like this school is because it offers a very diverse campus and cultural and also places in the top school list in the Eastern United States.


Winthrop University is a university that wants the students to engage in their school work and extra curricular activities.


Winthrop is a campus with an open mind where you can be yourself and obtain an education all at the same time.


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THe professors and great and the students thrive becuase of that.


Winthrop is a school that is continually striving to improve itself and make it better for future students.