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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myslef to take things more serious and to stay focused on what I have dreams on doing and becoming.


If I could give my younger self any advice before heading off to college, I would say if you're not totally committed and focused then, do not waste money and go to college until you are completely ready to devote your time to studying and never quit until you fully understand the topic at hand. Do not give your ability to think to someone else. Be consistent and stay at it until you comprehend the idea or concept presented to you. I would also say study more basic math and reasoning skills during the summer time so as to better help you understand mathematical concepts in college especially since my math background was not all that great. Anything is possible if you stick at it and believe. I would also tell myself to join organizations and become seriously involved in them early on. This, will help you to be more socially confident as well as help you to make more friends and establish that solid friend base early on.


When it comes to college, it is all about managing your time and having priorities. Some tasks or activities must always take precedence over others. As a senior I was able to get by without taking the effort to study the material. As a student in high school many times I would memorize and forget the information after the tests, but in college the material is progressive and cumulative. Having spent a year and a half in college now, my advice would be to learn to retain the information because it is something that you will have to use later in your profession .


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior there are really only two main things that I would tell myself. First, I would tell myself that I am making the right decision in choosing to go to Winthrop. I only applied to one school, and that was Winthrop. I would tell myself not to worry about my decision because I was making the right one for my major and the career I want when I graduate. The class sizes are the right size for me to succeed and the teachers really care about their students. The campus is open and welcoming and everywhere I go I see someone I know. Second, I would tell myself not to worry about making new friends and not knowing many people going in to school. I have made the best friends of my life and I couldn't imagine life without them now. Basically, I would tell myselft not to worry about the decision I was making because it is the right one and I will make friends for life.


Get involved! Get to know people and do not procrastinate. The faster and the harder you work will only make your experience more enjoyable. There are so many opportunies to get involved with on campus. If you don't see something you like, you even have the opportunity to create your own club, fraternity, or organization. You will meet so many people, and the more people you know, the more support and love you will receive in order to help you succeed. You must also stay focused. Do not get behind. If you stay on top of your work, you will have no trouble doing well. These next four years will be best years of your life. You will have ups and downs. You will feel love and rejection. No matter what happens, keep your head up and stay positive. For every door that closes, many more will open. This is your opportunity to make a name for yourself. Be proud of yourself. All your hardwork, dedication, and even the fun will all pay off before you know it.


As a young adult, I find that my hardest transition was the lack of having family at my side for the first time in my life. I would learn stronger homemaking skills such as how to fix a leaky sink or how to deal with an overflowing toilet. In truth, these experiences are a part of growing up and even if I had learned more basic living skills, I still feel that the process of comming into one's own is a major part in the growth process in life.


The college application process during your senior year in high school is a very stressful and anxious time. I remember visiting numerous college/university campus's looking for the feeling I wanted to have when I knew I had found my school. The social and academic relations were the most vital part in my decision making process. Luckily for me, Winthrop University, proved to be my home away from home. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I wish I could tell myself not to worry and enjoy the remainder of my high school career. Making the transition between high school and college life can be as easy as you make it. If you accept the fact that you need to broaden your horizons and go out and meet new people, you will have no problem succeeding both academically and socially. You now must rely on yourself to get out of bed in the morning and go to class and that can be a very rewarding feeling. The best way to have the best transition is to get involved on campus. You will be so busy, you won't miss home!


If I could rewind the hands of time, I would tell myself college is not as easy as you think. They're not anymore teachers to hold your hand or give you extra credit when you need. College is hard but you can manage. Just get ready to work hard, spend numerous amount of time in the library, and learn how to manage your time. Knowing this, you will conquer the college life by storm.


What ever you do DO NOT I repeat DO NOT procrasstinate.


I would tell myself to work harder make better grades. Try to be more open minded about the world out there. Don't think that it can never happen to you. You can be successful in life.


Don't let choosing your major be the most important thing in your mind. Take time to explore different things and find yourself when you get to college. Make new friends and networking a priority. Your college experinece will be what you make of it. Have fun.


I think that it is really important for students to do what they think is best for themselves not always what there parents want them to do. Parents be supportive of your child no matter it helps so much and they will really appreciate it. think about everything you do in college, learn from the mistakes you make and be sure to still have a good time but acaddemics always come first!


To find the best college or university for your children you have to do the research. Education is an investment and like all investments you have to take the time to choose wisely. The best thing to do is maximize your resources. First a good thing to determine is what your child is wanting to major in. Some schools are better than others in different categories so find the schools that emphasize your child's major. Once you have narrowed it down to that you then should take tours and find out what other opportunities the school offers.


I have two words of advice. First, go to the college that offers the most money. Second, always be yourself. That's it


The college search is difficult and extremely hard to do! There are so many options and just not enough time. Incoming freshmen should sit down with their parents and see what the most affordable schools are, and what region they would like to attend these schools. Then do online research and schedule college visits!!


Don't freak out if you don't know what you want, that is what college is all about. Finding out who you want to be, what you want to do and what works for you. If you attend a college for a while and decide it is not for you, that is ok, try a new one. Do what you need to so you can make yourself comfortable. You have to make college work for you.


I would tell the students to become as involved as possible. Even though you might not know anyone now, join a club, Greek organization, or other group and meet people! You'll never meet anyone and make any real relationships if you stay in your dorm room Monday through Friday and go home on the weekends like I did my whole Freshman year. But then I became involed and love my university! For the parents, I would say, don't hound your children. They'll call and email when they need you, which they will. But don't smother them, they're excited to be on their own! Enjoy some of your new free time and let them experience college life!


Start early, and you firgure what you want to major in. Then find at least five schools that meet your criteria and apply to those schools


My advise is for students. If your searching for a college my number one advise is to pick a college or university that has the major you are interested in. Don't pick a college because your friends are going there. If you love what you are studing you will do well. Visit the college when students are still in school so you can get a feel for how many students are around, what they are doing and imagine yourself in the mix. I advise you to live on campus at least your freshman year and stay active. The "freshman 15lbs" can quickly become "30lbs" Finally, don't go home every opportunity you have you need to stick around and get envolved in some clubs or Greek life. That is where you will make your lasting friendships.


I would say to follow what your gut says. Go with what you feel is right, not neccessarily what everyone else is doing. While you are at college, make the best of it. For most people, you only go to college once. So, have fun! Also, don't slack off on work, so keep a happy medium of fun at study time.


I would tell them to choose a college where you think you see yourself fitting in and enjoying. Do not pick a college just because your friend is going there. You should choose based on you likes and dislikes as well as financial responsibiltiy. To make the most out of college you should enjoy your social life, but remember what you came for. You sould have the 90/10 rule. 90% work and 10 % play, and you will come out successful.


Visit colleges. Do not make a decisions with out visiting the campus first. Feel out the people, do not only look at the campus but travel the surrounding areas. Make sure you know you can see yourself living in that place and being happy. When you get that warm fuzzy feeling you will know.


Choose a place where YOU feel most at home. Use campus resources and don't be shy, college life is full of surprises, friendships, and opportunities waiting to happen. Talk to your professors as well, they can be very helpful with grades, references, and career goals. Parents should trust their children and don't baby your child throughout college life, this is how & when we learn to begin adulthood and learn to become successful men and women.


To parents and/or students, I would advise researching different college degree programs and touring college campuses; also, start early and look around a while before you make your final decision on what college to attend. To make the most of the college experience, I would advise opening your mind and be willing to learn, and also be aware of the diversity found on college campuses. Be open-minded and consider other people's views on different issues and situations. If you open your mind, you will be able to broaden your horizons and you will also find more enjoyment in learning.


Once you're at school, get involved, make the school your own. I began writing for the student newspaper the my first week at Winthrop and met my best friend during the "writers workshop." Making these connections makes it easier to be away from home. Plus, the times flies by so quickly! Even if you're an accounting major, take an art class. If you're a business major, take rock climbing. I was in communications, but I took classes in everything from anthropology to snow skiing . Those classes were challenging in a different way than my major classes . Plus, I could generally apply the concepts that I learned in my elective classes to my core classes---like in accounting, we learned to balence a budget, make payroll and other various tasks needed to run a business. These concepts were directly related to my media management class required to graduate. The bottom line is that college is what you make it. Most of the learning that takes place in school happens outside the classroom. Just going through the motions of class and homework really won't get you anywhere. You have to make connections with professors and with classmates.


Finding the right college also means finding a college that is affordable. In these times of economic crisis, budgets for public schooling are being cut and private schools are receiving less funds from private donors. Sometimes students have to settle for what they can afford, but that doesn't mean that the college experience won't be just as good. As long as the student is active in learning and gives it their best shot, the student will find that they are more satisfied with the experience than they initially thought they would be. Look for an affordable school with a variety of programs; most college students change their major several times over the years, so don't limit the options by choosing a school with very few programs. The right college for a student is the college that has the most flexibility. College is a time for the student to discover who they are and begin the journal of adulthood.


I would tell them to research the schools throughly, and know what type of setting one is looking for. For example, if you do not like large crowds or just being a number in a crowd do not go to a large university. Selecting a college or university is all about preferences and choices. The individual must deteremine what they want first.


I would tell them to first choose a college that is offering their major and has a good graduating rate because some schools may have majors that aren't having enough graduates from the school. Then another thing to look at would be the cost of the school and the amount of money the school will offer to help pay for school because school can be very expensive.


My advice would be to visit the college before applying, and going to college fairs. I originally wanted to go to College of Charleston, but after visiting both colleges I found WInthrop was more suited for me. College fairs get colleges looking at you. If you let them know you are interested they will most likely give the information you need. It is best to start visiting college fairs early on in high school, because it is easier to narrow down the one's one wants to go to.


Everybody says it, but get involved on your campus. Being a part of a group not only helps you make friends with the same interests but also helps you feel more connected to your school. If you feel connected then you're more likely to stick with it when things get hard - and school will get hard at some point. Many of my closest friends at Winthrop have been made by being a part of an organization on campus. These friends have helped me through tough classes, tough decisions, and everything else college life has thrown at me. By getting involved, I have made friends that I will keep for many many years.


Making friends should be your first priority then you should concentrate on the academics


When choosing a college, it is important for prospective students and their parents to consider what is truly financially achievable. Parents should discuss in detail with their child the affects of student loans. The student should then weigh that knowledge against the benefits of attending the school of their choice. Also it is important for a perspective student to research the composition of each school?s current student body. This would allow that student to determine whether or not they would be comfortable with establishing a social life at the school.


Find a college which you feel most comfortable. When making your choice, find what is most important to you in your everyday life and make sure that the college you choose can accomodate you with it.


do research


Do not be afraid to choose a college that is not well known, popular, or expensive. The question to ask is "can I see myself happily growing there for 4 years?" not "what will people think if I graduate from (x)?" To make the most out of the college experience, have an action plan. Make a modest list before the start of each school year of clubs to join, positions to run for, and desired accomplishments. Also make a list of courses to take. Aim to have everything checked off both lists by the end of the year. Learn to approach every assignment with at least a speck of enthusiasm. Top students are talented because they are able to connect with their work, not because they have better brains. Finally, learning to converse with reading material is the most worthy skill to develop in college.


Apply to more than one college. Visit every college you would like to attend and some you wouldnt. If you dont get into your first choice and that is the only one you wanted, go to Tech for a couple years, get your GPA up, take some core classes that will transfer (check to make sure) and dont get discouraged. Also dont wish your life away, 4 years +/- may seem long but it will be over in the blink of an eye.


I think it is very import to look for what you want in the school befor you jump into it


Choose a college with a profession that you will like or with a major that you will be good at. Apply for financial aid early, get involved on campus, work hard and study hard.


First of all it is important for the parents and perspective student to tour the school before a decision is made. The feeling from the tour should be a factor in the student's choice. If the campus, faculty, and living conditions feel right to the parents and student then the school might be the right place. Secondly, make sure there is a way for the student to be activly involved with their school. This keeps the student on track and help to make friends. Being involved will help the student to make the most of their experience. Keeping up with school work and keeping a positive social life will make the experience the best it can be. Students often get stressed, mostly because they don't keep up with their school work. To remain stress free the best idea is to keep organized and finish work before it is due. This will give the student more time for a social life. Find out what the campus is offering on weekends as entertainment, or what events are occuring in the town. It will be more interesting than just hanging out with friends or drinking, and lead to everlasting memories.


Make sure you visit each campus or sit in on a class. If you are a music major spend time with you professor and take a trial lesson. If you do not like your instructors you will not want to stay at that campus.


Let your kids choose where they want to go.


I would advise students and parents to visit the schools on a weekday and weekend. They should talk to the students that are walking around. They are experiencing the school at that time and will have the most up to date information. You should even sit in on a class and talk with a professor; Although the profesor will be mostly positive about the school. Look at the social calenders and the clubs that are popular on campus. These will be the things that will keep you busy and social on weekends. These are where you will meet lifelong friends.


The most important thing to look for when finding a school, is how will the school help you in finding a job after graduation. Also it is very important that the college that is chosen is affordable. If financial aid and scholarships don't come through, and the parent(s) have to pay for it, but can't, don't risk your self at missing a semester or more out of school. What makes a great college experience is getting involved and exploring new things. Experiences in college can benefit greatly when finding a job. Also you would pick up new interest and meet new friends.


The most important issue to consider when choosing a college is the "right fit." Each college has its' own benefits and drawbacks, and it's up to the student to decide which features are going to be the most beneficial to his/her education. Visit the college, and if you are able to, stay for a few days to experience campus life. Existing students can be one of your best resources for deciding if the school is a good fit for you. Asking lots of questions will help to inform your decision. Just remember that it is your education and only you can choose which kind of education you want to recieve.


I think the most important part of finding the right college is to visit as many campuses as you can. I believe that students should spend time on each of the campuses without a tour guide so that they can see exactly how they can fit in. I also think that students should live on campus for at least a year so that you can be involved with campus activities and meet people who are new to the college environment also. Another thing, if possible, try not to work a full-time job while in school. I worked a full time job since I was a sophomore in college and I highly regret not being able to do as much as I wanted to on campus. I was not able to join as many clubs or organizations because I was having to work to pay for my education and living expenses. Most importantly, have fun while in school!


Find one that is going to fit your childs needs and career plans and that isn't going to put them in debt.


College is not about following in others' footsteps or trying to impress your friends. It's about finding a respectful, clean environment where a person feels comfortable enough to learn and be accepted by those around him/ her. While in college, some say make the most of it by partying and drinking. I disagree because I do neither one and I still enjoy myself to the fullest. Your college experience should consist of you doing positive things and becoming a role model for the future. It's best to make friends, not judge others, become involved in community service and join fraternities/ sororities. Just be yourself and choose a school where you know you can be yourself. Never allow the college experience to change you a person, only make you stronger and more maturer. Don't let friends mislead you into negative situations because you will never know the true consequences. Last, stand up for yourself and all that you believe in. Study hard and maintain a high GPA because you will receive wonderful rewards for it.

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