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What are the academics like at your school?


My favorite class so far would either have to be my Web Design class, where i learned HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and JQuery, or my HMXP class, which was basically an English class where there would be discussions held everyday on things we read for homework. Class participation, that i have noticed, is very common. Participation counts a lot in many classes, not all, but many. Students at Winthrop are really competitive and will make you work harder to improve yourself. I am a Web Application Design major which is a concentration under Digital Information Design. My major is under the business department. Everyone in this department is so friendly and welcoming. If you have any questions, there is no need to be afraid to go during office hours and ask. I had to go many times to a professor because i just simply could not figure something out in class and just didnt understand it.


The academics will challenge you to think and work hard. There may be some "easy" courses, but for the most part, you really have to study and try.