Winthrop University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Winthrop is right for a quiet student who enjoys a calm and easy-going atmosphere. Students who are career driven should show interest in Winthrop as well, for the university provides great employment opportunities and the skills to succeed in that career.


Winthrop University is a school for people that enjoy forming close relationships with both peers and faculty. Winthrop is for the people that want to feel at home while away from home. Winthrop is for those not afraid to stand out, take chances, and live life. Winthrop is for people from all walks of life that are going in different directions that will make a positive change in the world.


A person who is dedicated to helping and educate others. People with a positive attitude on campus help to bring a better atmosphere to the campus. Although Winthrop offers a variety of majors, the education majors should definitely consider coming to WInthrop because they can learn so much from professors and mentors.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who embraces diversity on a daily basis and also a helpful person, a helping hand always comes in handy here.


Winthrop challenges students to become the best individual they can be; it is a VERY diverse campus. Students become very cultured during their stay here and often leave a better person for the requirement. Nothing in life comes free, but Winthrop is worth every penny, because of the opportunities they offer students; so they should be willing to take a chance every now and then. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, has a chance to make a difference, not only here, but in life. This kind of person who should attend here should be ready to live, learn, and lead.


A person who wants to come away from college with not only a degree but with rich cultural experiences and life long friends. If you want to attend classes where your teacher knows your name and knows how your doing personally. A person who wants to attend small classes.


A person who likes diversity but a close knit setting for where they will be for the next 4 years. Winthrop is like one big family and people are there to help one another whenever they can. Academics is a major part of the school as well as social interaction. There are people from all sorts of backgrounds and we do not discriminate one another. If you like a socially comfortable and academic ready school then Winthrop is right for you.


somebody who likes a smaller atmosphere


Perfect for the individual who likes to interact with their teachers to build their knowledge base. Not a typical "party school." Sports are not a big deal at this university; though the mens basketball & baseball teams have been to the NCAA Tournament recently. No football & sports facilities are "off-campus."




Someone who is social butn does not need to go out all the time. They can be an okay student and should attend if they are looking to be an education major.


People who are ready to work for their degree and do not want to take the easy way out.


A person that likes diversity and is ready to meet a lot of new people. A person who wants to work hard for what they want.


Winthrop University is well known for its art department and education department. Although Winthrop welcomes other majors, and focuses on them greatly, art and education are the main and most popular majors studied.


Anyone who likes having a social life but not a big partyer.


The people who come to this school are very out going and get alomn


Any student, except the ones who did not do well in high school will do just fine.