Winthrop University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who is willing, able, and ready to learn. A person who wants to get out of their comfort zone box because this school does that. A person who really wants a school with a lot of spirit.


Students who want to study in a big city on a large campus shouldn't choose Winthrop- Rock Hill is a smaller town, although it is close to Charlotte, NC.


If you are a die-hard partier, then Winthrop is not really for you. It's a very calm campus.


A person who should not attend this school is one who does not want to work hard. Winthrop University expects a lot from their students, and if you are not willing to work hard, you will not get very far.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be one that doesn't care whether or not the staff is friendly, and definitely should not be looking for a welcoming committee once arriving on campus for the first semester. The person should already have friends or plan on being a loner.


People are closed-minded


Someone who does not branch out of their comfort zone to meet new people. Someone who does not like to be around gays, bisexuals, or blacks. Someone who does not want to attend a suitcase school.


Anyone who does not value their education should not attend this school. Winthrop University is a very diverse community among students, faculty, and the programs that are offered. Graduating from this school make every student well rounded with the tools to become successful in life.


someone who is not open to new things, winthrop is a very diverse school


Someone who isn't open minded and willing to try new things. Winthrop offers a lot of opportunities to explore new cultures and if you aren't willing to try them then it won't be a good experience.


Some one who wants variety in classes. Winthrop is a smaller well known university. They can only offer what they can afford. If your a busy body, there is absolutely nothing to do here except drink or join a frat. Its a suit case college period. The extremely liberal do not last long. There are a few religious fanaticals who run most of the student government . Winthrop is growing in terms of their computer and technology degrees, but its still should not be your first pick for that .


If your looking for a school with small class sizes, easy to get around and great value for your dollar Winthrop is for you. It is a great place if you are interested in the Arts, Education or Business Studies. It is the only college in SC with an accredited Interior Design program.


There isn't a kind of person that shouldn't attend Winthrop. There's a place for everybody here.


One who wishes to attend Winthrop University should have a strong work ethic and a desire to excel in whichever career path he or she may choose.


Anyone will fit in at Winthrop University. Everyone finds someone to hang out with and there is always something to do. I am an art major and my best friend is a biology major, you will find someone who fits your personality.


This school does not discriminate against any type of person. I've seen many people and no one is just the same. All people can attend Winthrop University and be accepted some kind of way.