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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

Syeta Cierra

If I had the opportunity to go back and talk to myself in high school, I would encourage myself to pursue my dreams and what makes me happy. I would tell myself that just because others do not approve of the career path I choose does not mean I have to change my dream. My high school self prided herself on pleasing other people and making others happy before herself. I would tell her that I should take hold of the one thing that makes me happy and follow it to the ends of the Earth. This is why I want to pursue a career in Math Education. This has been my dream since high school. Although I enjoy what I do now, I want to be truly happy in life. I want to remind her of her purpose for wanting to teach. I always felt that one teacher can make all the difference in the world to a student or a classroom. A teacher can influence them and remind them of how great they are and can be. I wanted to be that teacher. I want to be that teacher, and I will be that teacher.


If I could go back to high school as a senior, I would have advised myself to apply for more scholarships. As a senior in high school, I did not realize how expensive college is. Once an individual adds up housing, meals and books, it can blow their mind. That is how I feel all the time in regards to college. My parents advised me to apply for as many scholarships as I could during my senior year, but I chose to go out with friends, party and do other things. That was a big mistake. I would go back and tell myself that those friends would not be my friends 2 years later, netherless pay for my $150 accounting textbook. I hope to study abroad at KIngston University in London my junior year. If I had a foundation of scholarships under my belt, this goal would be a whole lot easier. College is expensive, but it is worth it. I sometimes do wish that I could go back and do more to receive money for school, but I will now make up for lost time because I hope to study abroad and then earn my degree.


Do notbe afraid to venture out of your comfort zone during the college search. A college close to home, friends, and family may have seem comfy at the time, but looking beyond those shoes that fit like slippers could prove beneficial. Forget about your commitments to others and begin to live for yourself. This life-changing decision could seem scary on the outset, but it is a step in the right direction towards bettering yourself as a person. This is not the time in your life to worry about what others think and expect of you, but a time to make the deicisions right for yourself. Additionally, do not get discouraged when your desires do not come to pass; while one door closes, another one opens. Everything occurs for a reason and falls into the bricklaying of your life. Just trust that you can make the best out of every situation and come out triumphant and victorious. You ARE a strong individual, whether or not you see it now.


Be more of who you truly are. You will make friends being yourself, not the shadow of someone else. Don't hold back with anything, not with schoolwork, friends, family, or fun. Stop being so shy about things. Get out in the world and discover who you are and what you want out of life. You will never know if you don't get the experience. Continue to do what makes you happy and the rest will come. When you are happy, the people around you are happy and that makes everyone happy. High school never ends so you have the time to get the experience of a lifetime. If you take the time to know yourself and be happy with yourself, transitioning will be a piece of chocolate cake. After all, you have to enter the real world at some point and it's best to do it with your head held high rather than with your feet dragging on the ground.


-Get out of your comfort zone, because out of your comfort zone is where the magic happens. -Don't be afraid to try new things; you'll never know unless you try. Otherwise you'll be constatly wondering what the experience would truly be like -You're going to get knocked down plenty of times, but what matters most is getting back up -Do whatever you want to do because people are going to talk regardless -College challenges everything you once thought you knew -College is also a confidence shaker - Stop wishing and hoping, just do it - Study, study, study, STUDY ! -Time management skills help .. A LOT - Never be afraid of anything that comes your way -Don't worry about finding a major, or finding your place because it will come -Love and accept yourself for who you are, who you will be, and what you will become in the future


Dear Nerdy High School Me, I cannot believe that your opportunity to attend your dream school is quickly approaching! I know you are currently a bundle of excitement and nerves. However, please do not worry because your time here will overflow with experiences to fuel your passion of teaching. Now, one thing that I have learned at Winthrop is that your nerd habit is a blessing and a curse. I admire your endless dedication to academics and thirst for knowledge because your dedication will assist in your acclimation to the pace of college coursework. At the same time, this nerd habit can hinder your college experience because of your stress filled schoolwork days. The hardest thing to realize is that academics are only one part of college. College accompanies volunteering and spending time with some close friends. College becomes a more meaningful experience with the coinciding of socialization and academics. For my nerdy high school self, my advice is keep your thirst for knowledge alive while occasionally stepping away from the books to enjoy being a college student. After all, college is the time to develop your passion for teaching and discover who you are as a person.


Don't live with your high school best friend. Chances are you two aren't that alike and the time you spent together in class and on the weekends is not a good determiner as to whether or not you would make a good pair in a tiny dorm room. Remember not to get too caught up with everything on campus, such as fraternities, girls, and campus activities. Study hard and lay a good foundation for the next four years at the start. Connect with professors, make some connections, and don't let people try to talk you out of your dreams. Think about what you want to do with your life, but don't make that decision based on what you're studying. Do you really want that Ph.D? Probably not, so quit thinking you're going to be an English professor. Save your money while you can. The first two years will be spent in a dorm where you don't have to pay rent every month. All the money you make working is just extra disposable income that you really don't have to spend. Use it wisely and think about the future.


I would advise the students at my old high school to study and really work hard because when you get to college the work level is doubled. They need to work on there writing skills because in college we are writing non-stop. I will also like to tell the students that they need to become very fimilar with their teachers because in college they will need their professors help. And the main thing is that they need to be responsible because in college the work is 80 percent you and 20 percent of the professor.


Ana, I will tell you that your senior year will be stressful, lonely, and tedious. You will need to work hard to keep your grades up, and I would also suggest getting involved in as many things as you can manage- not just choir and show choir. Also, please study harder for your SAT and take the ACT too, as many times as you need. Don't worry, you'll get into college, and if you're intimidated by the transition, don't be. College is amazing. It's everything you'd ever dreamed of. You will make friends. You will do well in your classes, but it will take plenty of effort. Through your efforts, you will develop a true appreciation for education and a thirst for knowledge. Don't be afraid about not being able to handle it - you are very responsible and devoted, and you'll thoroughly enjoy working as hard as you will and succeeding as you will. You will adjust to college naturally, and you'll love being a student. You are a very smart girl, capable of so many things. Now you should show the world how talented you are, starting now.


I would tell myself not to procrastinate as long as I had in high school. I would also tell myself to get started right away and get myself prepared ahead of time so that I can have a successful college life.


I would advise myself as a high school senior to not be afraid to take chances in college, to join more clubs, volunteer more, and to participate in more on-campus activities. Do not hide away in your room all night because you miss your boyfriend or because you feel like homework takes away your social life. Study in cafes and the student lobby with your friends and classmates. Form a study group. Offer to help the student struggling next to you, she may become your closest friend. You should also transform your study habits. I know in high school, it was easy to make A's without studying, but make note cards to help you memorize vocabulary and other important elements. A big help would be to actually read the textbook. In college, it's vital to read your chapters because the information is still used after the chapter tests. Ensure that you take plenty of notes in class, you never know what the professor will cover on the test. You'll want all the information you can get. My biggest advice is to work hard, try your best, and have fun.


After learning how college life goes, I’ve learned the importance of determination, focus, and discipline. In order to succeed, you must put forth more effort than what may be required. In high school, do your best not to just settle for less. If you make an 80 on a test, next time shoot for a 90. You're the one who determines what happens to you. If someone tells you that you can’t, then prove to them you can. Being a senior in high school means that, it's the final countdown to what you make of your high school career. It also means that it's the beginning of what you create for your upcoming future. This year is the year that colleges look at you for what good or bad potential you have to offer. Just like you wouldn’t want a job to deny you for your bad potential, don’t give colleges the opportunity to. You should want to show determination through your positive attitude and good grades in school. Make sure that your priorities with education are in the right order. Don’t let life take away what you can make of it.


If I could go back in time as a high school student and give myself advice, I would have to tell myself money is not going to stop me from getting my education. I always let money get in the way. Being brought up by a single mom with 3 siters is pricey for a litle lady, so I always try and find a hobby that didn't cost anything. I have always wanted to become doctor but I knew that was to much money. So while in high school i dropped sports, which I LOVED with everything inside and started working. I then found a school that was only 9 months and I that I could afford myself. Here I am today working at Baylor Plano for a Orthopedic and I still want to continue my education, so this time I'm not letting money be a problem Im finding a solution.


Dear Keith, College is way more different than you'll think. First things first, don't let senioritis take over you, everything you do matters. Always apply for scholarships, once you get to college you'll realize money is a huge factor of your learning career. Really look into what you want to do for your future career so you're not going through college changing your major several times. Overall the key is never stop thinking and learning, accept change and embrace it. College is definitely a whole new world compared to college. Never give up, even when you just seemed swamped. You have a great life ahead with amazing experiences. Sincerely Your Future Self, Keith


Self, you really only need to bring your clothes, bed sheets, school supplies, and toiletries unless you wish to do a lot of annoying packing at the end of each semester. Two suitcases full of clothes are too much. We did really well the first year, and even better the second year of college, so you're fine with that. Keep your cool, and possibly join the Quidditch team a bit earlier. Yeah, we join the Quidditch team... Weird, I know. When packing at the end of each semester, pack early. Don't wait until last minute to get all your stuff together. Also, we don't need that many notebooks. I'm still using up all the ones we bought our freshman year. Just two three-subject notebooks is sufficient, and don't forget the stapler! Visit the writing center at least once, too. I'm sure that's the reason we get a C- in a later course, so be prepared, and never skimp out on your work--The Elder Scrolls can wait. Now go and do well in every class you take! Love, Future You!


If I could go back to high school I would definitely try harder and put more effort into extracurricular activities as well. College is not all about being stuck in the books, it's about being well-rounded and finding your true self. I would also advise myself to think of another major, because I definitely chose the wrong thing. All in all, the best advice I could give my past self is to try harder.


At age eighteen, every young adult assumes he or she knows everything about the world. If I could go back in time, I would tell my high school self to listen to the advice of my elders. I moved out on my own for the first time and started college that August. I was financially unprepared, immature, and in way over my head. Regardless of any advice from my parents, older brother, or other wiser people, I went out on my own. I was completely convinced that I had everything under control and did not want any help. In retrospect, I should have listened to their words of wisdom. I ended up struggling with grades and money for quite some time. It is five years later and I have finally gotten my life relatively together. However, had I been more receptive of their advice, I could have reached that point much sooner.


My advice to my younger self would be to listen to your own heart on what you want to do. Don't let other people persuade you to follow a path that isn't right for you. Study the subjects that interest you. Don't follow a path someone else thinks you should be doing. This is a life choice of doing something for the rest of your life and you want to be happy with whatever you choose. Don't be forced into classes that you have no interested in to fail them miserably because you are not interested in them. Take time to try different kinds of classes if you are unsure of what you want to do. Don't rush to do things take your time and do them in your time. Find yourself and who you want to be as the grown up you are becoming don't worry what others criticize about you, you have to live with yourself at the end of the day. Be true to who you are and what you want to do and who you want to become.


Talking to my high school senior self a year ago I would tell her to "STUDY STUDY STUDY!" and study some more even when you do not feel like it because college exams and finals are nothing to kid around with. Also do not procrasinate on the items or paperwork that the college is requesting because later down the line you will face the consquences. Besides the academics, making friends won't be a problem at all so no need to worry so much. The transition and adjustments to college life will be very smooth. One last thing, don't stress too much over everything because everything will be in your favor soon enough.


Make sure to do your homework every nigt even if your teacher is not going to check it. Homework really is to help the student. When you get in college professors rarely check your homework but you are expected to know the material taught by the next class. If you find yourself having trouble in class or with homework, do not be afaraid to ask for help. Get use to asking for help.That is what theachers/professors are there for. When you get in college your professors will not have time to email you and make sure you understood the lesson for that day. It is your responsibility to get help not your professor. Another helpful tool would be to read the mateial before class. When reading the lessons, make notes in the magin about what you read, and highlight. It helps you understand and retain information with effeciency. PAY ATTENTOIN TO DUE DATES! In high school, your teacher may give you an extention if you forget to turn in an assignment,book report, project, ect. in college if you do not have your assignments in by the due date many professors assign a zero for that assignment.


I would advise myself to apply for every single scholarship in the book and explain how difficult and expensive college really is! I would also tell myself to ditch the boyfriend, make friends with everyone you meet, and join every club you possibly can. Talking to my former self, I would elaborate on how difficult the transition can be if you constantly hold yourself back due to self doubt. I would give myself a pep talk by saying that not only will everything turn out the way it is supposed to, but that I will also succeed in everything I do, as long as I try my hardest. I would advise against negative words and tell myself that putting yourself down automatically sets you up for failure because it puts you in the mindset of defeat. Finally, I would tell myself to study for every test, dance at every dance, have school spirit, befriend only those who bring out the absolute best in you, and -most importantly- have the time of your life!


What I have gotten out of Winthrop University is self-motivation. Winthrop has pushed me so far, to dare myself to excel beyond their expectations. Winthrop reminds me that I am no longer in high school, but I am on a tightrope between then, now, and my future. Winthrop offers many opportunities that I am capable of achieving. It is a fairly large university, but if I put forth my best efforts to succeed, then I won’t be overlooked, which I truly appreciate. Even after I graduate Winthrop will be a valuable asset for me to have because of it’s network. Winthrop connects me with people that help me to get where I am going in life as well as introduces me to people I will come to know, as I climb a ladder to success. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, has a chance to make a difference, not only here, but in life. Winthrop is helping me to become the kind of person that does not merely exist, but lives life to it‘s fullest, prepared to learn and lead. Winthrop University is providing me with an experience that will enable me to accomplish my passion.


What I have gotten out of my college experience so far is an inexplicable desire to finish the race. Once I start a project, I'm almost compelled to complete it to the best of my ability.


I always knew that I would attend college. I did not, however, know that I would learn so much in such a short period of time. Since I attented college I have been exposed to a large variety of people, programs and activities. I have also recieved a brutal educational wake up call. In high school I worked hard and my grades were outstanding. After my first sememster of school I spoke with my advisor who was also one of my professors and he said "this semester was just about getting you used to working". From my short college expierence I have learned to prioritize, manage my time and call my parents at least twice a week to vent and get advice. College is invaluable, I have learned things in college that I would not have learned if I had immediately entered the work world. I know for a fact when I graduate I will be prepared for anything and I will not regret my decision to attend Winthrop University.


Out of my college experience so far I have learned the responsibilities that comes with being a college student. I have to take matters into my own hands and do whatever it takes to complete my goals of becoming a Physical Therapist. It has always been a dream of mine to be able to help people with their problems and make other peoples lives easier and by going to college this is the best opportunity that I have to be able to accomplish that goal. College is extremely valuable to my life as well as my parents. I will be the first child from my family to attend and complete college and that means a lot to me. It is the most important aspect of my life at the moment to do my best in every one of my classes and to help in whatever way I can to help pay for my college so my parents don't have all of the cost on them.


Freedom! Liberation! I have received much from my college experiences so far. It feels great to be thinking in a critical manner again. Education has given me so much and I would very much like to continue. I am doing something for myself and it feels magnificent. I do not feel as though I am wasting my life. I feel as though I have a future. If I work hard I can achieve anything. Life has new vigor. I have reached goals I never knew I could achieve. I have received A’s for the first time and have surprised myself with my endurance in cross-country. I have learned new problem solving skills and gained a sense of accomplishment. I have made new friends and learned things that I would have otherwise never even thought of. All these skills and life experiences are very valuable because life is easier and more fulfilling when you have the tools and know how to make good decisions. I value these experiences because this is the time in my life when I need them the most. I would like to see where I will end up if I continue on a productive path.


I have learned alot from my college expereience. I have been able to make some great friendships as well as learned a lot of valuable teaching skills. I feel that now I know that I can be an amazing teacher due to the many things that I have learned. This school has been valuable becuase it has prepared me in ways I never imagined for my future as a teacher.


So far, I have gained a new appreciation for the arts and culture. I have met people from other countries. I have teachers who know my name and want to help me succeed. I am very blessed to be here. The classroom sizes are small. The city is big enough to stay entertained and Charlotte is next door.


I haven't attended college yet but it is very important for me to go. I have a lot of plans for my future and a college education would allow me to achieve those plans. I feel as though being able to have a college experience would benefit me in the longrun because not only will it help me with meeting new people who are creatively driven like me, but it also will help me with meeting people in the industry who will help me put my foot in the door. I believe that it will be valuable for me to attend college so that I can get my artwork out there and also make my family proud.


I have taken so much from my college experiance thus far. I have recived an AA degree at Grossmont Community College as of last semester, and continue to take classes there. I am ready to move on to a University, and was recentley accepted at 5 colleges within the State of California. Money has always been a huge block for me in my education. I pray for the day that it wont be a problem anymore.


My college experience has given me confidence and a sense of direction in life. Receiving my Associate's Degree was the first step to completing my college education, which I know is going to give me a solid foundation for my future. I want to eventually become a Nurse Practitioner, and I know that it will be because of the excellent education I received that I will be able to give back to the community much knowledge in my field. College is valuable to attend because it provides the education needed to work in a specific career, and it opens many doors that may not have opened had one not attended college.


Knowledge and exposure are some of the best things I've gained by attending college. Getting outside of your comfort zone of family, friends, and similar beliefs, college challenges them. I am of the belief that by having your ideas challenged, your faith in them becomes stronger. Many times I have heard ideas contrary to my own, and in defending my beliefs, was able to educate my fellow classmates. The exchange of thoughts created an atmosphere of understanding and appreciation for one another. Even if in the end, we did not agree, we respected each others ideas and learned much about one another.


I learn how to work hard and how to get my work done on time. I love college no parents always on your back. College life is what you make out of it you can sleep late are get to your classes on time and get your work idone. I have learn to be a better person and to be on time for my classes it is preparing me for the real world. Be on time for classes is a good sign I will be on time for work.


I have not been in college very long, but I have learned that it is very important not to judge people. There are so many diverse people at Winthrop, and it is not beneficial to anyone if a person makes generalizations about a peer. Meeting new people is a huge part of the college experience. You cannot get to know anybody, if you already have your mind made up about who they are. College has opened my eyes to a lot of new and good experiences. Meeting new people has been a lot of fun. I have made friends with upperclassmen too, not just freshmen like me. I have joined a club called Winthrop Outdoor Adventure Club, and I am looking forward to the hiking/camping/whitewater rafting trips we will be going on soon, and getting to know the people in it.


Since I've attended Winthrop University I have gained a lot of research experience in my field as well as others. My first psychology professor saw my potential and asked me to become part of her research team during my freshman year. I felt honored to be chosen for such an opprotunity and I worked hard with her and my fellow team members for 2 years. I've also done many 3 more research topics since that time. I love being at Winthrop because I have had so many opprotunities I believe I would not have had if I was at another university or college. My time at Winthrop has allowed me to get to know myself as well as the world around me because of the diverse activities and people on campus. I know what I must do in order to succeed in my field and I know the helpful community at Winthrop will assist me until the very end.


I've learned that life is what you make it to be and it has been valuable to attend because college is the best 4 years of your life.


I would tell myself "you know i am not very eloquent but you need to know 3 things about college. 1 your roommate will get on your nervs and you on his. 2 There is going to be 10 times as much work. 3 don't eat too much in the cafeteria.


I would advise myself to learn the study habits while I had more time on my hands - there was much more time to get things done in my senior year of high school than my freshman year of college. I would have strived for more motivation when it came down to getting my work done. Instead, I had to teach myself a lot of these techniques as a college freshman. Don't forget to level out how to enjoy college and work hard at the same time - it CAN be done!


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would tell myself to calm down! You never believe anyone when they tell you that everything will be fine and everyone's in the same boat, but it's true. None of my friends were coming to the college I chose and I was really paranoid about making friends, but everyone is actually really nice and friendly, so it was very easy making the transition. Another thing I was worried about was doing very badly in my classes since I'd heard horror stories about first semester and people dropping out halfway through the year. It turns out that, while my classes were very hard, I worked hard and my grades reflected that. Change isn't a bad thing. Change gives you the opportunity to experience new things and grow as a person. I would definitely let my past self know that he transition to college was a good change and while there were some things I'd miss about high school, I'm working toward something that I really want and that makes it all worth it.


If I could go back in time knowing what I know now about college, I would feel so relieved. When I was in high school I was so scared about making the transition to college. I did not think I was going to be able to make the transition and leave my family and take care of myself. But I hav found after my frst semester at Winthrop University that college is not that hard if you try. As long as you do the work and go to class you will blossom in college. Making friends was another thing I was worried about but I have made amazing friends that I plan on keeping for life. I would gove myself this advice: be yourself, tryhard, get involved, and most importantly do not be afraid to speak up.


The fear of getting into college is something that all high school students feel and I was no exception. I had received various pamphlets from universities and military affiliates during my high school years. I wanted to get into a good school. However, I wanted to go to a school that I chose, and not a school that was pushed upon me. At the beginning of my senior year I looked into a lot of colleges, and had narrowed them down to two. If I had to say anything to my high school senior self it would be to relax. In the end you will pick the one that right for you because no one knows you better than you know yourself. After I got accepted into the college of my choice my next emotion was meeting knew people and exploring new classes. I would strongly advise myself to really choose friends carefully. Friends aren?t everything and you need time to yourself some times because college life is very different from high school. Therefore, take time for yourself once in a while and try to enjoy college life as well as take advantage of it.


I would tell myself that just because I can easily put off projects until the last minute in high school it does not mean that I can do it in college. All nighters are no longer as much fun. Money is much more valueable now as well, so I would have told myself to look for and enter every possible scholarship that I could find. Tuition and books are much more expensive than I ever anticipated. The biggest piece of advice that I would have told myself though is to not stress out so much about starting college. It is not all that much different from high school. The biggest difference is that the classes are slightly more difficult.


As a young adult I have come in contact with the good and the bad. If I could go back to my high school senior self I would say "Look self we have got to stop procrastinating, theres a whole new world filled of things that we are going to love doing. I would tell me high school self not to be afraid of change, because change is good. Then I would say you know what self and then my self would say "hunh" and then I would say "you are a smart woman, beautiful, young, and are perfectly fine so keep your head up and dont be afraid of who is, who isn't going to like you, because at the end of the day, you are you...and thats nothing that anyone can take away!" So basically I would give myself a pep talk, because knowing me I'd definitely use it to my advantage.


Assuming that I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior and knowing about college life, I would give myself the advice that college is not as scary as it seems. If anything it is better than high school because of the freedom that you have. Having said that, however, that emmense freedom comes with huge responsibility. Not only do you have to learn how to manage your time wisely, you have to develop good study skills so that you can do well and maintain the scholarships that you have recieved. Everyone thinks of college life as a 24/7 party place, where in reality you actually have to study to do well in your courses. Once you get that down, then you can expand your horizons and start to mix in extra cirricular activities outside of focusing on school work. College is also a great place to network for planning your future. The friendships that you develop with your peers and your professors will be ones that can pay off in the long run to help you be successful in achieving you career goals.


The transition will be extremely difficult at first, but after the first month or so it will get easier, I promise. The best advice I can give you is get involved! Even though you are shy and not very outgoing, get involved. It is the best way to make life long friends. Make sure you call your parents and boyfriend atleast once a day to make that transition a little easier, because otherwise they will get upset and think you have forgotten about them. Also, know that mom will be extremely attached and unwilling to let go at first, but give her time she loosens up eventually. Get involved is the best and main advice I can give you. If not for Alpha Omega, the Athletic Training club, and club soccer I would be without some of my very closest and best friends. Goodluck!


If I could go back to my senior year of high school and give myself advise I would say that I should have picked up better study habits along the way instead of tring to change my intire study habits when I get to college. I would also tell myself not to wait until the last minute to do a project or study for a test or quiz. Make sure I study at least 3 days in advance and do not pull all nighters when me have a month to do something. Stay on track and do not let friends distract me from my school work. Always remember our mom wanted us to have a bright future and if she could see us today she would be very proud. Make sure you treat your grandparents with respect and don't give them a hard time because they care. If you do this you will do a lot better in school and you will not have to worry about taking out loans before you even get to college.


Before you go to college make sure that you are going to take your academics seriously. College is enjoyable and you learn alot about people and yourself. You will get out of college what you put into it. So be open-minded and prepared to be challenged. Look for mentors to aid you into receiving a job. Life is about networking and building relationships with people. Remain focused and know that your college years go by fast.


The process of completed college is the true value of college. Take time to build relationships with people outside your normal friend group. Your life will be enriched by the efforts you make in college to build relationships & gain knowledge; though, your life path will not be set by either one of them.


I would tell myself to try harder to get involved in school activities sooner. Also, I would take as many tech classes offered at my high school before I get into college, as long as they transfer.


Make should that you meet people and make friends during orientation. When you get in your classes, no matter what everyone else is doing make sure that you are studying your tail off in order to keep that 3.0GPA and stick with German, the language you have a grasp on instead of switching languages.