Winthrop University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The lack of school spirit can sometimes be frustrating. This is because not many students attend the sporting events.


There is a lack of a college atmosphere. It takes 30 minutes to drive into a metropolitan area full with businesses conducive to college wants.


I do not really think there is anything frustrating about my university. It is a very challenging and complex university.


The cost and finding ways to pay tuition!


The health services are always getting a bad reputation for good reason. They don't seem to like doing their job... At all.


The thing I dislike the most at Winthrop is how empty the campus is on the weekends. Everyone goes home every weekend, which is why Winthrop is referred to as a suitcase school.


We are always doing some sort of renovation on the campus. It is negativly influencuing students' money situations because we have to pay for the renovation when we pay our tuition. At the moment the school isnt giving out any finanical aid to its students on top of renovating all of the dorm houses and two buildings on campus. A lot of students are getting tired of spending their money on the campus when they feel they should be spending it on academics.


Financial aid.


The most frustrating thing about winthrop is the parking there are un used teacher parking spots all over campus but the student spots are always full.


The most frusrtating thing about my school is the food. Thompson Cafeteria is the main cafeteria at Winthrop University. When i started as a freshamn the food tasted fairly appetizing. After a couple months, no matter how many different dishes i tried, they all tasted the same. It was like a bland nightmare! But i stuck it out and finished the year without any flavor.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the students can be a little immature because they seem to always play around and don't seem to get any of their work completed.




don't be lazy, apply for a lot of scholarships early.


Lack of parking