Winthrop University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love how small and intimate the classes are. Also, the campus is very well-kept and you can tell the school puts emphasis on aethetic beauty as well as academics.


The best thing about Winthrop is the atmosphere. The faculty and staff are exceptionally friendly and help each and every student to succeed. Also, the campus is very nice and well kept.


The best thing about Winthrop is, its' diversity and positive atmosphere. Not many schools are able to say that many of their students are strongly academically involved. Many of the students at Winthrop are very engaged in the activities that that participate in. Winthrop allows you to interact with people that you might not think twice about speaking to. This school gives you courage and makes you feel confident in everything that you do.


It offers a lot of study abroad, has a beautful campus, and the teachers are amazing.


Winthrop University is a great school. It is the perfect size, not too small yet no too large. My dream school was one where there is a strong bond between the professors, where they actually want to get to know you. Winthrop's size really allows for this bond to occur. Other schools I looked at were much too large and I would have been just a number in a classroom. Here even former professors say hi to me as I am walking through the halls. This helps to improve grades and the high school to college adjustment.


Currently I am in the first part of my freshman year at Winthrop University. The best thing about my school is the environment, when I wake early to go to class someone always greets me, the staff here is wonderful and treat you as if they have known you all your life. My suitemates are all returning students me being the new girl I was nervous about being accepted into their close nit circle, but to my surprise they are all really nice and treat me equally. We have a sisterhood.


The best thing about my school is how close it is to home, only 10 minutes.


Socially diverse


The people here are great I love it here when i first came i made lots o friends.


Winthrop provided me with incredible opportunities. I got to know most of my professors really well because class sizes were small and the professors were all very approachable. I'd have to say that the faculty make Winthrop worth attending. They are truly concerned for the development and well-being of their students and make every effort to improve the student's experience. Winthrop even paid for me to attend a conference all the way in Japan, and opportunity I would not have expected from such a small University.


The best thing about my school is the interaction among the professors and students because they are always available. Some professors are more than just teachers, they are like parents the students never had and that is very beneficial especially when a person is just adjusting to the college life. The professors also are lenient with those who seem to have difficulty with the course, but are still trying.